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Selima Sfar 14 29.79%
Florence Haring 7 14.89%
Virginie Pichet 10 21.28%
Simona Matei 1 2.13%
Annette Kolb 2 4.26%
Pascale Leroy 0 0%
Karla Mraz 0 0%
Chayenne Ewijk 4 8.51%
Irina Kuzmina 3 6.38%
Others (who?) 6 12.77%
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10000$ Grenoble, France, Jan23, winner: Virginie Pichet

10000$ Grand Prix Feminin de l `Isere

The city has been known under different names through time:After the collapse of the Roman Empire the city was part of the first Burgundian kingdom, until it was taken by Clotaire I, king of the Franks and a son of Clovis. Later on, it progressively passed into the possession of the Carolingian kings, then the second Burgundian kingdom of Arles and finally became a possession of the counts of Vienne, whose title, "Dauphin", gave the region its traditional name: Dauphiné. Grenoble was the capital of the Dauphiné, a province of France since 1349, when the last Dauphin of Vienne sold the region to France, on condition that the heir to the French crown use the title of Dauphin.
Grenoble (Occitan: Grasanòbol) is a city and commune in south-east France, situated at the foot of the Alps, at the confluence of the Drac into the Isère River. Located in the Rhône-Alpes région, Grenoble is the préfecture (capital) of the département of Isère. Population of the city (commune) of Grenoble at the 1999census was 153,317 inhabitants (157,900 inhabitants as of February 2004 estimates). Population of the whole metropolitan area (in French: aire urbaine) at the 1999 census was 514,559 inhabitants.

The tournament:
Previous Winners:
2002: Sybille Bammer AUT d. Virginie Pichet FRA 64 64
2003: Karolina Sprem CRO d. Sophie Lefevre FRA 75 75
2004: Martina Müller GER d. Aravane Rezai FRA 75 61
2005: Mervana Jugic-Salkic BIH d. Karen Paterson GBR 63 61

Out of the quali Sybille Bammer won that tournament after coming back from her baby break. In fact it was her first tournament in more than 2 years and beat players like Vedy, Rizzi, Le Bescond, Klösel and Pichet. Top seed Sophie Georges lost in the quarters to Anais Laurendon.
At the beginning of 2003 Karolina Sprem was nearly invincible. Without losing a set she won and defeated Laurendon, Jolk, Xie, Jurak and finally Sophie Lefevre who surprisingly reached the final. Top seed Jana Nejedly lost her first round match vs Capucine Rousseau. The chinese girls didnt play that convincing here, Nan-Nan Liu lost 06 36 in round 1 vs Vrljic. Yan-ze Xie at least reached the quarters but had no chance vs Sprem. Severine Beltrame had to play qualies and reached the quarters
In 2004 Martina Müller played her final vs a certain Aravane Rezai who was pretty unknown at that time. Out of the qualies where she already beat Yevgenia Savransky or Pascale Leroy, she also beat Misic, Heitz, Rocchi and Widmer to reach the final. Martina Müller was too strong and only had problems with Rezai in the first set. Anne Kremer played here who came back from an injury and reached the QF (36 63 16 vs Müller). Top seed Nathalie Vierin surprisingly easily lost her second round match vs Laura Rocchi.
After some great tournaments, Mervana Jugic decided to play 10000$ tournaments again, which was very smart. Only Claire Feuerstein in the SF was able to compete with Mervana. All other opponents got trashed. Karen Paterson with her big service reached the final with good wins over Korzeniak, Greau, Widmer and Jurak. Segolene Berger gave her comeback after some years off

(1) Chayenne EWIJK NED vs Nelly CIOLKOWSKI FRA 64 36 62
Evane GRAZIANI FRA vs Perrine GAUTHIER FRA 16 16
Giulia COLETTI ITA vs Louise GRANGETTE FRA 57 16
(11) Estelle GUISARD FRA vs Julie MERLE FRA 62 75

(2) Maren KASSENS GER vs Cindy CHALA FRA 46 ret Kassens
Alexandra GWIDKOWSKI FRA vs Betty DAUTRIAT FRA 63 75
Laila BEN ABDERRAHMAN BEL vs Hermine ROUKASSIAN ARM ret Roukassian
(14) Gaelle DESPERRIER FRA vs Elodie ROUZIER FRA 61 60

(3) Pauline WONG NED vs Francesca BONAZZI ITA 60 60
Julie FRATONI FRA vs Catherine GROTZ BEL 36 26 06
(10) Amandine CAZEAUX FRA vs Tatiana CUTRONA BEL 16 36

Sophie KOBUCH FRA vs Cecilia GRATIAN FRA 75 62
Charlotte DOUWMA FRA vs Alisee HIRT SUI 64 67 36
(16) Alexandra POPA ROM vs Sherazad BEN AMAR FRA 26 67

(5) Berengere TEIX FRA vs Dorotea KRALJEVIC CRO 62 36 75
Coraline PORTE FRA vs Aleksandra MADZIK POL 62 60
Francesca MUSSO ITA vs Ludovica PERRI ITA 06 16
(13) Stephanie VONGSOUTHI FRA vs Kinnie LAISNE FRA 62 63

(6) Shana CLAES BEL vs Laura BURNS GBR 60 61
Stephanie SCIMONE ITA vs Clemence TEROL FRA 62 26 57
(15) Sylvia MONTERO FRA vs Maud VIGNE FRA 62 26 61

(7) Alicja ROSOLSKA POL vs Amandine SINGLA FRA 16 36
Monica PICCATO ITA vs Florence FLEURY FRA 26 06
Chloe GAMBEY FRA vs Elodie CAILLAT FRA 36 67
(12) Alexandra MAYRAT FRA vs Kelly COUTURIER FRA 63 63

(8) Elizabeth KOBAK USA vs Erika VENERE ITA 60 63
Samantha GALINIER FRA vs Amandine DULON FRA 63 36 63
Adeline CHIANG FRA vs Marine SORG FRA 36 03 ret Chiang
(9) Nathalie PIQUION FRA vs Emilie CHARRIERE FRA 60 75
2nd round
(1) Chayenne EWIJK NED d. Perrine GAUTHIER FRA 46 62 63
(11) Estelle GUISARD FRA d. Louise GRANGETTE FRA 61 61
Cindy CHALA FRA d. Alexandra GWIDKOWSKI FRA 46 61 76
(3) Pauline WONG NED d. Fanny FRACASSI FRA 76 75
Tatiana CUTRONA BEL d. Catherine GROTZ BEL 62 62
(4) Giulia GATTO MONTICONE ITA d. Sophie KOBUCH FRA 61 64
Alisee HIRT SUI l. Sherazad BEN AMAR FRA 62 36 57
(5) Berengere TEIX FRA d. Coraline PORTE FRA 75 64
(13) Stephanie VONGSOUTHI FRA d. Ludovica PERRI ITA 63 64
Gracia RADOVANOVIC FRA d. (6) Shana CLAES BEL 46 60 63
(15) Sylvia MONTERO FRA d. Clemence TEROL FRA 60 60
Amandine SINGLA FRA d. Florence FLEURY FRA 61 60
(12) Alexandra MAYRAT FRA d. Elodie CAILLAT FRA 36 26
(8) Elizabeth KOBAK USA d. Samantha GALINIER FRA 76 26 63
(9) Natalie PIQUION FRA d. Marine SORG FRA 61 63
3rd round
(1) Chayenne EWIJK NED d. (11) Estelle GUISARD FRA 64 63
(14) Gaelle DESPERRIER FRA d. Cindy CHALA FRA 62 64
(3) Pauline WONG NED d. Tatiana CUTRONA BEL 62 60
(4) Giulia GATTO MONTICONE ITA d. Sherazad BEN AMAR FRA 62 62
(5) Berengere TEIX FRA d. (13) Stephanie VONGSOUTHI FRA 62 63
(15) Sylvia MONTERO FRA d. Gracia RADOVANOVIC FRA 63 23 ret Radovanovic
Elodie CAILLAT FRA d. Amandine SINGLA FRA 62 63
(8) Elizabeth KOBAK USA d. (9) Natalie PIQUION FRA 64 60

(1) Florence HARING FRA vs q Estelle GUISARD FRA 75 46 64
Marie-Perrine BAUDOUIN FRA d. Nadege VERGOS FRA 63 62
WC Eleonor PICOT FRA vs Pemra ÖZGEN TUR 16 06
q Gaelle DESPERRIER FRA vs Louise DOUTRELANT FRA 63 16 64
(3) Annette KOLB GER l. WC Stephanie RIZZI FRA 36 63 26
Diana BRUNEL FRA d. Celine CATTANEO FRA 26 61 ret Cattaneo
Karla MRAZ FRA vs Eleonora PUNZO ITA 60 61
(5) Gaelle WIDMER SUI d. Melanie COHEN FRA 64 62
(8) Claire FEUERSTEIN FRA vs q Giulia GATTO MONTICONE ITA 75 67 36
Korina PERKOVIC GER vs WC Alice BELLICHA FRA 63 46 64
q Berengere TEIX FRA vs q Elodie CAILLAT FRA 36 16
(4) Simona-Iulia MATEI ROM vs WC Julie HERVE FRA 46 75 75
(6) Irina KUZMINA LAT vs Pascale LEROY FRA 62 62
q Elizabeth KOBAK USA vs q Chayenne EWIJK NED 75 16 26
q Sylvia MONTERO FRA vs q Pauline WONG NED 75 62
(2) Virginie PICHET FRA vs q Natalie PIQUION FRA 61 62
2nd round
(1) Florence HARING FRA d. Marie-Perrine BAUDOUIN FRA 64 62
Gaelle DESPERRIER FRA d. Pemra ÖZGEN TUR 63 64
Stephanie RIZZI FRA d. Diana BRUNEL FRA 75 62
(5) Gaelle WIDMER SUI d. Karla MRAZ FRA 64 64
(4) Simona-Iulia MATEI ROM d. Elodie CAILLAT FRA 46 26
(6) Irina KUZMINA LAT d. Chayenne EWIJK NED 75 46 63
(2) Virginie PICHET FRA d. Sylvia MONTERO FRA 57 62 62
Gaelle DESPERRIER FRA d. (1) Florence HARING FRA 46 63 62
Stephanie RIZZI FRA d. (5) Gaelle WIDMER SUI 16 61 63
Korina PERKOVIC GER d. Elodie CAILLAT FRA 75 63
(2) Virginie PICHET FRA d. (6) Irina KUZMINA LAT 61 62
Gaelle DESPERRIER FRA d. Stephanie RIZZI FRA 63 64
(2) Virginie PICHET FRA d. Korina PERKOVIC GER 61 61
(2) Virginie PICHET FRA d. Gaelle DESPERRIER FRA 63 61

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good luck Alicja!
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good luck pemra
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The wild cards for the main draw go to :

Mélanie COHEN
Stéphanie RIZZI
Eléonor PICOT

Visit my official Virginie PICHET's site to :

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Irina Kuzmina
Ivanna Israilova
Anna Savitskaya

Amanda Anisimova Greetje Minnen Simona Halep Eugenie Bouchard Madison Keys Florencia Molinero

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It's like cool epilepsy.
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If Selima doesn't win this, then
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Singles Qualifying Draw

(1)Chayenne Ewijk (NED) v Nelly Ciolkowski (FRA)
Evane Graziani (FRA) v Perrine Gauthier (FRA)

Giulia Coletti (ITA) v Louise Grangette (FRA)
(11)Estelle Guisard (FRA) v Julie Merle (FRA)

(2)Maren Kassens (GER) v Cindy Chala (FRA)
Betty Dautriat (FRA) v Alexandra Gwidowski (FRA)

Laila B.Abderrahman (BEL) v Hermine Roukassian (MAR)
(14)Gaelle Desperrier (FRA) v Elodie Rouzier (FRA)

(3)Pauline Wong (NED) v Francesca Bonazzi (ITA)
Anna Savitskaya (RUS) v Fanny Fracassi (FRA)

Julie Fratoni (FRA) v Catherine Grotz (BEL)
(10)Amandine Cazeaux (FRA) v Tatiana Cutrona (BEL)

(4)Giulia Gatto (ITA) v Tracy Castillo (GER)
Cecilia Gratian (FRA) v Sophie Kobuch (FRA)

Alisee Hirt (SUI) v Charlotte Douwma (FRA)
(16)Alexandra Popa (ROM) v Scherarad Ben Amar (FRA)

(5)Berengere Teix (FRA) v Dorotea Kraljevic (CRO)
Coraline Porte (FRA) v Aleksandra Madzik (POL)

Francesca Musso (ITA) v Ludovica Perri (ITA)
(13)Stephanie Vongsouthi (FRA) v Kinnie Laisne (FRA)

(6)Shana Claes (BEL) v Laura Burns (GBR)
Gracia Radovanovic (FRA) v Seheno Razafindramaso (MAD)

Stephanie Scimone (ITA) v Clemence Terol (FRA)
(15)Sylvia Montero (FRA) v Maud Vigne (FRA)

(7)Alicja Rosolska (POL) v Amandine Singla (FRA)
Monica Piccato (ITA) v Florence Fleury (FRA)

Chioe Gambey (FRA) v Elodie Caillat (FRA)
(12)Alexandra Mayrat (FRA) v Kelly Couturier (FRA)

(8)Elizabeth Kobak (USA) v Erika Venere (ITA)
Amandine Dulon (FRA) v Samantha Galinier (FRA)

Marine Sorg (FRA) v Adeline Chiang (FRA)
(9)Nathalie Piquion (FRA) v Emilie Charriere (FRA)

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good luck to
(11)Estelle Guisard (FRA)
Anna Savitskaya (RUS)

Good luck to my favs


MINELLA TsurenkoAlize Lim*El Tabakh*Robson*Cirstea
*Bellis*Soylu*Sibille*Uberalova*Eden Silva*
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good luck

Estelle Guisard
Sylvia Montero

welcome back
Amandine Singla and Amandine Dulon
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Amandine Dulon

After a 2 year break she's back!

Former top 200 player who's only 23 and had her best season in 2003 (the year she quit the tour) with wins over Llagostera Vives, Parra Santonja, Beltrame and Birnerova. Got a WC in Roland Garros MD where she lost in 1st round against Pennetta 64 64 and played Wimbledon and US Open qualies (won one match there). Has other wins over Golovin, Pelletier, Pin and Cohen Aloro.

But I, being poor, have only my dreams
I have spread my dreams under your feet
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams
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Good luck Pemo
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Good Luck to:

Hermine Roukassian
Tatiana Cutrona
Seheno Razafindramoso
Amandine Dulon
Amandine Singla
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go Alicja
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