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The Game



What is it about?

Playing is fun and easy.

You must send in 2 seperate sets of points.
In the first set of points you must divide 50 points into 6 categories which are: SERVE, SPEED, VOLLEY, FOREHAND, BACKHAND, CONCENTRATION.
In the second set of points, you must divide 100 "Effort Points" into 13 games.
Then, you must select your dominant surface.

In each game of the match, I will take the amount of effort points you put into the game which is being played and sum those points to the points of a category which will be randomly selected. The player with more points wins that game.

How much time and effort is necessary to play it?

3 minutes every week.

Special features?
  • Plyer introductions and match statistics based on how players sent points in.
  • Li scoring for semi final and final matches.
  • WTA Tour: The Game Shop
Game Link:

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