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Thanx Rollo for the article..... here's some other info on this Aussie champ Nancye Wynne Bolton....

She was once ranked by Norman Brooks in the mid 50's in the top 10 women of all time but he did say she was brilliant but erratic.

Her serve was very strong, as was the forehand but could go missing.

She was constantly in trouble with the stuffy LTAV, not asking permission to play in tournaments in Dubbo and Wagga therefore banned from exhibitions for a month!

She hit a ball in the 1940 Aus titles into the gallery and it landed near the govenor of New South Wales. She was rebuked and told that if the team about to tour New Zealand was an official one she would have been banned.

Her husband was killed in an air raid over Cologne.

Louise Brough was her nemesis after the war losing in qtrs at Wimbledon, semis at Forest Hills blowing a 5-2 40-0 in the thrid to lose 7-5. She held a no. 4 ranking for that year.

Bolton and Thelma Coyne Long won the Aus doubles title 10 times.

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