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BNTT - Barcode Numbers Tennis Tour



Who can join?

Open to all.
Unlimited number of players.
New players can join anytime.

What is it about?

The players compete in weekly tournaments against each other. They play "matches" with tennis-scoring. There's singles and doubles competition as well as rankings.
The players split a certain amount of points into six numbers between 0 and 9 (for each set) and pick a service/return profile. This information is used to determine match results.
Both tactics and luck are required to be successful.
The players play with their WTAWorld usernames.

How much time and effort is necessary to play it?

Players have to send new points every week = about 3 minutes a week.

Special features?
  • Consolation rounds: Each player has at least two matches per tournament.
  • Scoring based on the real "match", match stats and comments.
  • No commitment-threads. If you send points, you play.
  • Masters and Year-end tournaments with round-robin play.
  • Different "surfaces".

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