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Originally Posted by andrewbroad
How does ЦСКА transliterate to the Roman alphabet?
It transliterates as CSKA.

ЦСКА stands for Центральный Спортивный Клуб Армии, which means "Central Sporting Army Club" (or something similar, as there are various translations). It was given this name because it was previously affiliated with the Red Army, in the same way that Spartak was sponsored by trade unions, and Dynamo by the KGB.

You may have heard of the football club CSKA Moscow? It's like one giant sporting club.

If you take a look here, you'll see that it is one of the greatest clubs in Russia. I also found this article, which shows why they captured so many hockey titles

I need something I can type into Google and get results in English (though I'd like to learn Russian one day). Do you have an official source for who trains at which club?
If you go here it says "На них регулярно тренируются такие звезды, как Елена Дементьева, Надежда Петрова, Вера Звонарева, Елена Лиховцева, Андрей Ольховский." Basically, that's the list of players training there regularly.

Also, the CSKA website was reporting on Bepa's results towards the end of the season when she was trying to make the YEC.

Am I right in thinking that Bepa is still coached by Julia, as well as by Lex? In her US Open 2004 fourth-round interview, she was asked what Julia was doing to calm her down.
That is something that I suspect is happening. While Bepa was being coached by Julia, she lived with Julia and her daughter in Maryland. At the same time, Lex was Bepa's hitting partner, and he acted as a consultant.

I think that Julia is probably still working with Bepa, but in a reduced capacity, as I believe that she is coaching a new junior player.

I will ask Bepa about her coaching situation next week.

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