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re: 1899 results


Thanks David and everyone else for this great results thread.

What is the opinion on Adine Masson and the French Championships – she is noted in 1897 as the first winner but not mentioned in 1898-1899 – Wiki has her down as the winner in these years but notes she was the only entrant?

What is the policy on defending champions? In the Challenge Round system do they automatically qualify as the runner up/losing finalist even if they do not defend/play in the tournament or do they forfeit this? I suppose it’s particularly important when noting down slam results?

Are the above 2 points subjective or is there a standard/universal opinion on these matters?

I usually credit Masson and defending champions even if they don’t defend and class it as a walkover since I reckon they’ve earned their w/o by being the defending champion (even though they dont defend) - semantics!– anyway CR not a good idea I guess which is why they eventually got rid of it.

Incidentally Northumberland Championships take place in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - there is also a Newcastle-Under-Lyme in Staffordshire, a Newcastle in Northern Ireland and another in Australia and Leamington is Leamington Spa

* Significant error/query

1890 Surbiton – Alice Arbuthnot (typo)
Cheltenham – Miss Crossley = M Crossley as in Scarborough 1889?
Scottish Championships – There is a D Patterson (tt) as in Cheltenham 1886 and a Lottie Paterson (t) as in Whitehouse 1890
Beckenham – Howes = N Howes as in Beckenham 1888?
Scarborough – M Crossley (typo in final)
Felixstowe – entered twice
Exmouth – Kindersley = Georgina Kindersley?
Scarborough – D Boulton = Dorothy Boulton?
Liverpool and Scarborough– examples of defending champion not defending???
1891 West/East of Scotland – Moir = L Moir?
Mark omissions – I notice lots of results from Mark are not added to the front/first page from here on in so I wont list all of them but its better to have the fullest draws possible on the first page I think
Cheltenham – Miss Stretton = K Stretton?
Cheltenham – Miss Crossley = M Crossley?
Manchester – Miss Blencowe – E Blencowe?
1892 Cheltenham – Miss Stretton = K Stretton?
Sheffield – Miss Kersey = Winifred Kersey?
Buxton – Miss Friend = Mary Friend? Miss Vicars = A Vicars?
Hull – Miss Hodgson = C Hodgson?
Eastbourne – Tootell = E Tootell?
*Eastbourne – F – Bertha Steedman d Edith Austin???
Mark omissions
*Newcastle – Echoing Jimbo here – was it Jane or Helen who won??
1893 Mark omissions
Exmouth – Bryan = C Bryan?
Eastbourne – Mary Friend?
Ilkley – Katherine Grey?
1894 Leamington – Agatha Templeman? N Bloxsome?
Irish Championships – would that be Florence Snook?
Liverpool – Mary Friend?
Buxton – A Vicars?-K Lynch?
Wimbledon – C Bryan? – L Chatterton Clarke?
1895 Mark omissions
Nottingham – Florence Snook?
Leamington – Lucy Kendal?
Irish Championships – N Pope?
Chiswick – H Smythe?
Beckenham – A Malden?
Exmouth – Georgina Kindersley?
Wimbledon – Lottie Paterson (t)
Brighton – Madeline O’Neill?
Eastbourne – E Tootell?
1896 Ridgewood – Grace Booth?
London Championships – Agatha Templeman?
Scarborough – Lucy Kendal?
Irish Championships – Florence Snook?
Wimbledon – Lottie Paterson?
2nd Newcastle – Amy Ransome?
1897 Sheffield – H Smythe?
Scottish Championships – Lucy Kendal?
Saxmundham – Mrs H White?
Canadian Championsips – Mrs Sydney Smith?
Manchester – Ellen Cressy?
*US Open – Ellen Kitchen/Ketcham? Kenderdine/Kendedine/Kenderine? (were you drunk??)
Beckenham – E Tootell & H Smythe?
Buxton – E Wolfenden?
1898 Irish Championships – Elsie Pinckney?
*Irish Championships – SF Louisa Martin d Pinckney?
Beckenham – Amy Kirby?
1899 Welsh Championships – Henrica Ridding?
Irish Championships – M Golding?
London Championships – Ellen Thynne?
Wimbledon – Maud Garfit? – Ursula Templeman? – Beryl Tulloch – Ellen Thynne – Edith Bromfield?
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