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Re: Laura Robson: The Silver Medal Years 2012-

Originally Posted by pennychange View Post
Yes, Sorry should have made clear it was the pre-final press conference where she said it, and it wasn't transcripted as the post match interviews are so there's no full record as it were, just a 2 min edited highlights on Wimbledon's site, but it was picked up by all our press as they tend to leach any gossip off each other like a chain of domino's!
Canadian TV carried the whole pre-final press conference live to air. The transcript is here The Canadian rights holder had complete video archives of all Genie's press during the tournament. The exception was the R3 presser and this one where the stream that was posted cuts off right after the question on why she admires Oprah Winfrey.

I'd say her tone was more or less as the Mail described, cold and detached. When she was asked about Laura being at Saviano the day she went to Florida last November, I thought she was cold and maybe even seething.

Originally Posted by Embittered View Post
My view is that what Saviano says publicly tells us "little, if anything" of evidential value about the cause of the rift and does not prove that it was not to do with coaching set-ups.

I think we'll have to wait until Laura sets the record wrong in her autobiography to find out anything of more substance.
Saviano's statement is nuanced isn't it. That statement really only says he considers it a problem between the two girls and that he has to abide by the outcome.

It could also leave a scenario where Laura asked him to coach her, and he told her he was contractually obligated to work exclusively on the road and that she'd have ask Genie. Technically nothing to do with him as its a contractual issue.

Saviano's daughter was in the box during the Wimbledon matches (and with Laura later in the day). Genie had dinner with the Ren sisters before the tournament and played doubles with Heather. All still friendly with Laura. Leads me to believe me what broke their relationship was narrow and related directly to career rather than something that involves a wider circle.
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