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I just wanted to post this again

That's quite unbelivable but today I met her
I was taking some pictures of Lazar Magdninchev (who won the sattelite circuit in Israel today) when she asked me to email her the pictures, because Lazar is "like a brother to her". We chatted for a few minutes and she's really nice, I told her of the article (her first reaction was "oh my, an article, they always write shit about me"), then I told her that she was described as Turkey's best ever tennis player, and she smiled and said "oh, finally something positive".

Just had a good time. Took a picture with her, but I won't post it as we both look pretty bad there and it's too big anyways lol

She's playing in the doubles final tommorow, hope I'll be able to go and watch.

Cogito, ergo sum.
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