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Originally Posted by Andy T

I just want to say that I've had a(nother) Chrissie fan stay with me for the past week and during that time we've watched several matches featuring La Evert, one of which was that semi between Chris and Tracy at the US. I remember saying that the first time I watched it I found it a bit tedious but just wanted you to know that I've now changed my view totally. It really is an excellent exposé of Chrissie's craft. Even in those first few games, she's missing only by millimetres and playing herself in surely and steadily no matter what is happening to the score. It really is remarkable to see how many more options she had at her disposal (or chose to use) than Tracy did and how completely she dictated the play. By the end, she's like a cat playing with a dead mouse.

I know some feel that Tracy could have been a challenger to C & M during the early-mid 80s but for her injuries (which are not surprising that she got it when you compare the jerkiness of her motion with that of Chris which was so smooth) but her game was so two-dimensional in comparison to Chrissie's at that point. The department where she may have had an edge was power but my God was that serve bad or what?
well, dont feel bad about your first impression--the first time i saw it i was not sure how great it was or not either, just that i was glad to see it. But with review, i too am amazed at how dynamic that baseline play was, and as one person in the match-memories area of the site described the match as 'godzilla looking over which part of the city it wanted to destroy next' or something along those lines.

i have also seen this regarding tracy's jerky motion and how it may have effected her longtime through injury. someone said to me last week, 'chris was so calm under pressure but do you think she was as calm as tracy?' and i said, 'calm is not what won tracy her matches. she constantly blows into her hand and is totally hyped up; more like an evert on some very strong stimulant.' and her strokes had that hyper-tension feel to them. chris was always very fluid in comparison. she also atributes that to her own longevity; not as much a matter of equipment etc., but of good footwork and always being prepared to hit a shot evenly and in step; it took less of a tol on the body. But no one ever backed me up on tracy's strange tight contortions theory as contributing to her me, watching her, it LOOKS like she's going to have a nervous system issue!

thanks for just writing me a note on the evert thread, by the way, knowing i would zone in on it by nature without needing to be notified. hahaha...

hey, was that evert fan, by any chance, a certain very handsome fellow with a smooth accent?

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