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There has been a rise in the usage of the word "gay" to describe things that are broken, or unappealling....especially amongst teenagers and I do find it troublesome.
It appears that their parents do not consider it offensive...and would actually prefer them to say that "gay" as opposed to "shit" or "fucked".
I hear it used all the time at school and I do make an effort to stop and question their choice of words....
This is my place of work and I do not want to hear that sort of crap all day long, so I do make an attempt to address it.

My partner and I had eggs thrown at us a few months ago...which I wrote about in another thread somewhere....just walking at my local beach. The young men involved were aged between 15-25....and hurled a string of abuse "******s etc"...the usual dull stuff. It is too risky to confront a pack...had there only been a few them I might have made a serious attempt at thumping one or two, but there is nothing you can do when confronted with 20 or more.
Considering that I wasn't wearing my pink tu-tu and stilletoes at the time, and was dressed in a pair of boardshorts and a singlet, I was dumbfounded by the assumptiveness of the behaviour....we were targetted on an assumption and nothing more. I could have been with my Brother or my Dad and the behaviour would have been the same I have no doubt.

From what I have since heard from the police...the group of thugs target any group visually or potentailly different...Asian people, Islamic people and anyone they consider may be gay. Not much you can do.

I am pretty defiant though and continue to attend this same I have lived in the area a long time and refuse to be frightened by such behaviour...that is my own personal protest.
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