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Re: Your tennis results?!

Played my semi finals today, overall we won 4-2 and are into the grand final

Doubles: Lost 6-4. A shocking match, we quickly went down 0-3* as we double faulted our games away My partner was horrendous and literally could not get the ball over the net, he was playing extremely flat and making a truck load of errors At 1-4* I single handedly tried to get us back, and it worked for a while, getting us back to 3-4*, but the big server served and won that game easily and my partner was serving to stay in the match at *3-5. I gave him direct orders: get the fucking serve in (but I didn't say that...) and it worked. He held to love as I finished the points at the net. But after that he was just completely out of it, hitting two return errors in the next game, and effing up a volley when I was winning the point. I sent a return long on match point (but it was 5-4 40-0 to them, and my partner would have screwed up the next point anyway) to seal the error fest called a tennis match.

Singles: Won 6-2. I knew I was actually playing well, it was just my partner, so I went on and broke him to start (I was playing the big server from my dubs match, who also like the net) then held with 3 service winners. I broke him again but went down double break point at *3-0. I saved both, one with an ace, before getting game point. Don't ask me why, but I decided to hit an under arm serve, and it worked well, double bouncing before he got to it. But he just stood there confused, and I realised he probably thought I was hitting the ball to him or something. So I replayed the point, and aced him. However he totally bull shitted, saying it was out (pointing to a COMPLETELY different mark). I went along with it, but double faulted, and somehow ended up losing the game. Furious, I absolutely smashed the ball in the next game(a la Serena Williams when Bacsinszky drop shotted her serve) and broke easily, hitting the ball harder than I have ever. Then I started being a bitchy Rodionova for the call the game before, saying 'other side genius', when he hit the ball to my side once the game was over (I was serving then, but it was change ends) and I stood there until he got the ball. I then hit massive serves (anger works for me) to get 40-15, then somehow getting broken, by fluke shots and a double fault. But then I broke easily and held to win. I was very happy with my volleys and drop shots today, I am actually started to use drop shots from the baseline, and happy with my BH, which was very flat and fast.

Thanks everyone for posting their matches, very interesting to read

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