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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Didn't feel like going to the other thread today....Since you're the resident stats whiz, perhaps you could tell me how much of a points gap there will be between Serena and Li in the next rankings.

Yesterday, I saw a video clip of Venus celebrating ecstatically after Serena beat her for the 2002 RG crown. As a human being, I'm glad that the WS have such sisterly closeness. Within the mortal realm, family is the most important thing that we have. However, as a SPORTS FAN, that clip was some of the most pathetic shit I've ever seen. I can imagine that all of the WTA-hating, ATP blowjobbers had a field day with that clip. No doubt, they were already mocking the WTA for the fact that almost no one could take a set from the WS for about a 2-year stretch. To make it worse, you had a player acting like a giddy 13-year-old after losing a Slam final.

Though it's hard to conceive the on-court result, can you envision John McEnroe acting that way if his brother Patrick ever beat him in a slam final? If Steffi had a tennis-playing sister named Magdalena Graf, I could pretty much GUARANTEE you that she wouldn't act as Venus did in 2002 if "Magda" beat Steffi in a Slam. Richard Williams says that Steffi was the best player ever, and he's right; she exceeds the WS, in terms of mental toughness, BY FAR. To close with a real-life example, I don't recall Jim Harbaugh coming back onto the field to celebrate his brother's triumph in SB 47, even though he had ample time to give a condolence speech to his defeated 49'ers and then return to the field for the trophy ceremony. I don't deny that the WS are true, worthy legends of the sport but, in the one respect above, they are often mentally weak. EVEN if it's your brother or sister, you've got to want to royally kick their ass when it's title time....and you might not be QUITE as angry losing to your sibling but--barring outstanding circumstances(e.g., an imminent retirement for the victor)-- you should be pissed off for at least a couple hours before celebrating with your sib
According to TheBoiledEgg's ranking update thread, Serena will lead Li by 2210 points when the new rankings come out Monday.

I could see someone being happy after losing a slam final (or other big sporting event) if they didn't expect to be there like if they're young/early in their career or old/late in their career. As someone who had won 4 slams already, Venus probably wouldn't have been happy just to be in a slam final though.

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