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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Well, you could just send me a PM if you wanted. It's not a big issue for me but I thought I'd ask since you're obviously a fan

On a similar note, I wasn't a totally-rabid TNG follower, but I was an unashamed fan of the show. One of my acquaintances was REALLY a huge fan, and he was fascinated by 'Q' so I don't think that he was capable of being objective when I said that Nagilum was more powerful than Q. If you'll recall, Troi sensed Q's presence almost right away in the first encounter, yet she was oblivious when they first fell into Nagilum's "cloud". Only afterwards was she able to sense him in a subtle way

Another point is that Nagilum was powerfully telepathic whereas Q had to observe and ask questions to learn information

The final argument in Nagilum's favor is that Q was fearful of human influence in the galaxy, thus provoking his interventions. Nagilum got bored with the crew and moved on after conducting his one experiment. There's obviously no way to prove any of this empirically, but the evidence tells me that Nagilum was a higher life form than Q, and I'd say also more refined and less impulsive, emotionally. Q was sort of like one of those fickle,immature pagan gods from mythology who acted on least that's MY take
I don't actually recall the Naglium. I kind of think that's an episode I never saw but I'm not sure. I have seen most if not all of the episodes though. The Next Generation is my favorite form of Star Trek.

What if Q was limiting his powers for our benefit, a sort of adapting to a lesser race?

Have you seen the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies?

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