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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
She will never get to that point again imo. But I do think that she can improve on how she's currently doing.

As for Rory, he's number one on my shitlist. How can he treat her like this after she was willing to virtually sacrifice her own career for him? Buying her expensive presents, proposing to her and acting as though her 'yes' was your 'first big win of the year,' telling everyone how much she means to you - only to give her the boot at the last minute. VERY low of you McIlroy. I hope that you'll live to regret this. You may be a great golfer, but as a human being you turn out to be one huge disappointment.
Though I saw your posts from my email inbox hours earlier and thought that they were QUITE worthy of offense, I postponed replying b/c I thought it'd be better to spend some precious time with my gf first

My affection for Caroline makes me inclined to agree with you; however, MANY would argue that Rory did a good and honorable thing by backing out of a commitment that he knew he couldn't keep. I'll also point out that loads of your European comrades seem to believe there's nothing wrong with having multiple sexual partners as one has the right to pursue his/her own happiness. For those who feel that such a right is inalienable, Rory's actions were pretty tame compared with some others'. I'm merely playing devil's advocate here

As for your 1st paragraph, I'm inclined to agree with that one, too, although Caroline has ample opportunity to refute us. In closing, I'll restate my belief that the relationship distraction was CARO's fault and not Rory's. Nothing against the golfer, but he lacks the charisma to mesmerize a sane woman to the extent that she loses her free will. On top of that, other WTA'ers have relationships, even marriages, and continue to find success. I'm very sorry that Caro has dropped in the rankings, yet I refuse to use her relationship as a cop-out for that

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