CAD Double Game #57 - HASSELT 2004 -
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CAD Double Game #57 - HASSELT 2004


Playing is simple: over the course of the tournament choose any 11 matches in the Main Draw and post who you think will win them.

You should have posted a commitment to play this tournament. The deadline for commitments is Sunday 26 September 2004.

If you haven't but would like to play you may enter as a wildcard recipient, but each player is limited to two wildcard entries.


Kostanic/Schaul(1) vs. De Vries/Feys..................(3-50)
Pastikova/Rodionova vs. Krastevitch/Sassi.............(5-25)
Blahotova/G.Navratilova(4) vs. Llagostera/Marrero.....(10-10)
Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte vs. Henke/Muller..................(28-4)

Marosi/Tavares vs. Benesova/Chladkova.................(28-4)
Camerin/Roesch vs. Garbin/Krizan(3)...................(25-5)
Lee-Waters/Schneider vs. Birnerova/Prusova............(32-4)
Russell/Santangelo vs. McShea/Perebiynis(2)...........(18-6)


Kostanic/Schaul(1) vs. Pastikova/Rodionova............(5-20)
Llagostera/Marrero vs. Henke/Muller...................(5-18)
Benesova/Chladkova vs. Camerin/Roesch.................(6-18)
Birnerova/Prusova vs. Russell/Santangelo..............(10-10)


Pastikova/Rodionova vs. Llagostera/Marrero............(11-9)
Camerin/Roesch vs. Russell/Santangelo.................(13-8)


Llagostera/Marrero vs. Russell/Santangelo.............(10-10)


1.ghosts.............. ..8 ..4 ..4 ..71
2.Pojana.............. .11 ..5 ..6 ..66
3.masha............... .11 ..6 ..5 ..64
4.Mr_Molik............ .11 ..7 ..4 ..57
5.jrm................. .11 ..5 ..6 ..50
6.ASAP................ .11 ..6 ..5 ..48
7.Rossana Fan......... .11 ..6 ..5 ..47
8.E.Dementieva........ .11 ..3 ..8 ..44
9.broncosven.......... .11 ..4 ..7 ..41
10.tennis2003......... .11 ..5 ..6 ..36
11.butch.............. ..5 ..2 ..3 ..35
12.Farina Elia Fan.... ..8 ..4 ..4 ..33
...Evren.............. .11 ..5 ..6 ..33
14.*Yoav*............. .10 ..3 ..7 ..20
15.bbypk.............. ..9 ..2 ..7 ..15
16.Silas.............. ..4 ..1 ..3 ..10
17.Daniela86.......... ..6 ..0 ..6 ...0
...William Hunt....... ..1 ..0 ..1 ...0

1.masha/ASAP.................... .22 .12 .10 ..56
2.evren/ghosts.................. .19 ..9 .10 ..52
3.Mr_Molik/broncosven........... .22 .11 .11 ..49
4.tennis2003/E.Dementieva....... .22 ..8 .14 ..40

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Rossana Fan/Catriel

Cibulkova. Konta. Safarova. Osaka. Wozniacki. Radwanska. Kvitova. Puig. Cepede Royg.
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plzzz a WC for me here!

Serena X Venus
Holy "TF FAVOURITES" Trio- Азаренка X Q.V. Radwańska X KAMAN Woźniacka
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Serena X Venus
Holy "TF FAVOURITES" Trio- Азаренка X Q.V. Radwańska X KAMAN Woźniacka
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JohnJohn / BibifanofJuju !
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Team WTAworld
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I withdraw, thanx!

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Go the Aussies

Sophie Ferguson ~ Casey Dellacqua ~ Samantha Stosur ~ Jessica Moore ~ Christina Wheeler ~ Monique Adamczak ~
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Pick summary to appear here

CAD1 Llagostera/Marrero d. Blahotova/G.Navratilova(4)
CAD2 Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte d. Henke/Muller
CAD3 McShea/Perebiynis(2) d. Russell/Santangelo
CAD4 Lee-Waters/Schneider d. Birnerova/Prusova
CAD5 Pastikova/Rodionova d. Krastevitch/Sassi
CAD6 Llagostera/Marrero d. Henke/Muller
CAD7 Benesova/Chladkova d. Camerin/Roesch
CAD8 Russell/Santangelo d. Birnerova/Prusova
CAD9 Llagostera/Marrero d. Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD10 Russell/Santangelo d. Camerin/Roesch

Cad 1 : Krastevitch/Sassi def. Pastikova/Rodionova
Cad 2 : Blahotova/G.Navratilova(4) def. Llagostera/Marrero
Cad 3 : Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte def. Henke/Muller
Cad 4 : Lee-Waters/Schneider def. Birnerova/Prusova
Cad 5 : McShea/Perebiynis(2) def. Russell/Santangelo
Kostanic/Schaul(1) def. Pastikova/Rodionova
Llagostera/Marrero def. Henke/Muller
Benesova/Chladkova def. Camerin/Roesch
Russell/Santangelo def. Birnerova/Prusova
Llagostera/Marrero def. Pastikova/Rodionova
Russell/Santangelo def. Camerin/Roesch

cad 1 Krastevitch/Sassi over Pastikova/Rodionova vs.
cad 2 Blahotova/G.Navratilova over Llagostera/Marrero
cad 3 Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte over Henke/Muller
cad 4 Lee-Waters/Schneider over Birnerova/Prusova
cad 5 McShea/Perebiynis over Russell/Santangelo
cad 6 Blahotova/G.Navratilova( or Llagostera/Marrero over Henke/Muller
cad 7 Camerin/Roesch or Garbin/Krizan(3 over Benesova/Chladkova
cad 8 Birnerova/Prusova vs. Russell/Santangelo
cad 9 Pastikova/Rodionova over Llagostera/Marrero
cad 10 Birnerova/Prusova or Russell/Santangelo over Camerin/Roesch

1 L. McShea (AUS) / T. Perebiynis (UKR) over J. Russell (USA) / M. Santangelo (ITA)
2 M. Camerin (ITA) / A. Roesch (GER) over T. Garbin (ITA) / T. Krizan (SLO)
3 N. Llagostera (SP) / M. Marrero (SP) over O. Blahotova (CZE) / G. Navratilova (CZE)
4 J. Kostanic (CRO) / C. Schaul (LUX) over M. Pastikova (CZE) / A. Rodionova (RUS)

Daniela 86
cad1:Blahotova/G.Navratilova(4) def Llagostera/Marrero
cad2:Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte def Henke/Muller
cad3:Garbin/Krizan(3)..def Camerin/Roesch
cad4:Lee-Waters/Schneider def Birnerova/Prusova
cad5:McShea/Perebiynis(2)def Russel/Santagelo
cad6: kostanic/schaul over rodionova/pastikova

CAD 1 Krastevitch/Sassi over Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD 2 Llagostera/Marrero over Blahotova/G.Navratilova(4)
CAD 3 Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte over Henke/Muller
CAD 4 Camerin/Roesch over Garbin/Krizan(3)...................(25-5)
CAD 5 Lee-Waters/Schneider over Birnerova/Prusova............(32-4)
CAD 6 McShea/Perebiynis(2) over Russell/Santangelo
CAD 7 Kostanic/Schaul(1) over Pastikova/Rodionova
PAW 8 Benesova/Chladkova over Camerin/Roesch
CAD 9 Birnerova/Prusova over Russell/Santangelo
CAD 10 Llagostera Vives/Marrero over Pastikova/Radionova

CAD 1 Pastikova/Rodionova def. Krastevitch/Sassi
CAD 2 Llagostera/Marrero def. Blahotova/G.Navratilova(4)
CAD 3 Henke/Muller def. Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte
CAD 4 Garbin/Krizan(3) def. Camerin/Roesch
CAD 5 McShea/Perebiynis(2) def. Russell/Santangelo
CAD 6 Kostanic/Schaul def. Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD 7 Llagostera/Marrero def. Henke/Muller
CAD 8 Benesova/Chladkova def. Camerin/Roesch
CAD 9 Birnerova/Prusova def. Russell/Santangelo
CAD 10 Llagostera/Marrero def. Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD 11 Camerin/Roesch def. Russell/Santangelo

Farina Elia Fan
Pastikova/Rodionova DEF Krastevitch/Sassi
Blahotova/G.Navratilova(4) DEF Llagostera/Marrero
Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte lose to Henke/Muller
Marosi/Tavares lose to Benesova/Chladkova
Camerin/Roesch lose to Garbin/Krizan(3)
Lee-Waters/Schneider DEF Birnerova/Prusova
Russell/Santangelo DEF McShea/Perebiynis(2)
Kostanic/Schaul(1) DEF Pastikova/Rodionova
Llagostera/Marrero def Henke/Muller
Benesova/Chladkova def Camerin/Roesch

CAD1: Krastevitch/Sassi over Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD2: Llagostera/Marrero over Blahotova/G.Navratilova
CAD3: Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte over Henke/Muller
CAD4: Camerin/Roesch over Garbin/Krizan
CAD5: Russell/Santangelo over McShea/Perebiynis
CAD6: Henke/Muller over Llagostera/Marrero
CAD7: Camerin/Roesch over Benesova/Chladkova
CAD8: Birnerova/Prusova over Russell/Santangelo


Cad 1: Russell/Santangelo over Mcshea/Perebiynis
Cad 2: Blahotova/Navratilova over Llagostera/Marrero
Replacement Paw 2: Llagostera/Marrero over Henke/Muller
Cad 3: Garbin/Krizan over Camerin/Roesch
Cad 4: Benesova/Chladkova over Marosi/Tavares
Cad 5: Kostanic/Schaul over Rodionova/Pastikova
Cad 6: Russell/Santangelo over Birnerova/Prusova
Cad 7: Benesova/Chladkova over Camerin/Roesch
Cad 7: Llagostera/Marrero over Pastikova/Rodionova
Cad 9: Russell/Santangelo over Birnerova/Prusova
Cad 9: Llagostera/Marrero over Pastikova/Rodionova
Cad 10: Camerin/Roesch over Russell/Santangelo
Cad 10: Russell/Santangelo over Camerin/Roesch

Mr Molik
CAD1: Llagostera/Marrero over Blahatova/G.Navratilova
CAD2: McShea/Perebiynis over Russell/Santangelo
CAD3: Garbin/Krizan over Camerin/Roesch
CAD4: Pastikova/Rodionova over Krastevitch/Sassi
CAD5: Kostanic/Schaul(1) over Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD6: Llagostera/Marrero over Henke/Muller
CAD7: Benesova/Chladkova over Camerin/Roesch
CAD8: Russell/Santangelo over Birnerova/Prusova
CAD9: Llagostera/Marrero over Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD10: Russell/Santangelo over Camerin/Roesch

CAD01: Krastevitch/Sassi over Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD02: Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte over Henke/Muller
CAD03: Lee-Waters/Schneider over Birnerova/Prusova
CAD04: Blahotova/G.Navratilova over Llagostera/Marrero
CAD05: Camerin/Roesch over Garbin/Krizan
CAD06: Camerin/Roesch over Benesova/Chladkova
CAD07: Llagostera Vives/Marrero over Henke/Muller
CAD08: Russell/Santangelo over Birnerova/Prusova
CAD09: Pastikova/Rodionova over Llagostera/Marrero
CAD10: Russell/Santangelo over Camerin/Roesch

Rossana Fan
CAD 1: Lee-Waters/Schneider over Birnerova/Prusova
CAD 2: Llagostera/Marrero over Blahotova/Navratilova
CAD 3: McShea/Perebiynis over Russell/Santangelo
CAD 4: Garbin/Krizan over Camerin/Roesch
CAD 5: Pastikova/Rodionova over Krastevitch/Sassi
CAD 6: Russell/Santangelo over Birnerova/Prusova
CAD 7: Llagostera/Marrero over Henke/Muller
CAD 8: Benesova/Chladkova over Camerin/Roesch
CAD 9: Llagostera/Marrero over Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD 10: Russell/Santangelo over Birnerova/Prusova
CAD 10: Russell/Santangelo over Camerin/Roesch

CAD1: Krastevitch/Sassi OVER Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD2: Llagostera/Marrero OVER Blahotova/G.Navratilova
CAD3: Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte OVER Henke/Muller
CAD4: Lee-Waters/Schneider OVER Birnerova/Prusova

CAD 1 Kostanic/Schaul(1) over Qualifiers
CAD 2 Blahotova/G.Navratilova(4) over Llagostera/Marrero
CAD 3 Benesova/chladkova over Marosi/Tavares
CAD 4 Garbin/Krizan over Camerin/Roesch
CAD 5 McShae/Perebiynis over Russell/Santangelo
CAD 6 Kostanic/Schaul(1) over Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD 7 Llagostera/Marrero over Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD 8 Russell/Santangelo over Birnerova/Prusova
CAD 9 Camerin/Roesch over Russell/Santangelo or Birnerova/Prusova
CAD 10 Llagostera/Marrero over Pastikova/Marrero
CAD 9 Camerin/Roesch over Russell/Santangelo

William Hunt
CAD 1 Leslie BUTKIEWICZ & Evelyne VAN HYFTE over Vanessa HENKE & Martina MÜLLER

CAD1: Blahotova/Navratilova def. Llagostera/Marrero
CAD2: Garbin/Krizan def. Camerin/Roesch
CAD3: Krasrevitch/Sassi def. Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD4: Kostanic/Schual def. Q
CAD5: Butkiewicz/Vanhyfte def. Henke/Muller
CAD6: McShea/Perebiynis def. Russell/Santangelo
CAD7: Birnerova/Prusova def. Russell/Santangelo
CAD8: Kostanic/Schaul def. Patikova/Rodionova
CAD8: Llagostera/Marrero DEF. Henke/Muller
Marrero/Llagostera Vives def. Rodionova/Pastikova
CAD8: Llagostera/Marrero def. Pastikova/Rodionova
CAD9: Russell/Santangelo def. Camerin/Roesch


Alicia Molik~Nicole Pratt~Samantha Stosur~Christina Wheeler

Nicole Kriz~Monique Adamczak~Isabella Holland~Jessica Moore

Emily Hewson~Trudi Musgrave~Sophie Ferguson~Casey Dellacqua

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I felt suddenly quite wildly happy.
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Originally Posted by JohnJohn
JohnJohn / BibifanofJuju !

This can't last. This misery can't last. I must remember that and try to control myself. Nothing lasts really. Neither happiness nor despair. Not even life lasts very long. There'll come a time in the future when I shan't mind about this anymore, when I can look back and say quite peacefully and cheerfully how silly I was. No, no, I don't want that time to come ever. I want to remember every minute, always, always to the end of my days.
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Pairs despite 3 tournaments played next week?

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Val d’Isère 2009 SC GOLD and Super-G BRONZE
Vancouver 2010: Super-G GOLD, downhill SILVER, GS bronze
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Is There Anybody Wants To Play In Hasselt With Me ?
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Team WTAworld
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My #1 in tennis
>> Tsvetana Pironkova <<

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CAD1: Llagostera/Marrero over Blahatova/G.Navratilova
CAD2: McShea/Perebiynis over Russell/Santangelo
CAD3: Garbin/Krizan over Camerin/Roesch
CAD4: Pastikova/Rodionova over Krastevitch/Sassi

Go the Aussies

Sophie Ferguson ~ Casey Dellacqua ~ Samantha Stosur ~ Jessica Moore ~ Christina Wheeler ~ Monique Adamczak ~
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