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Re: Laura Robson: The Silver Medal Years 2012-

Originally Posted by James Wolfe View Post
It's difficult to apportion blame in these cases.
Actually, it's really not. It's her team's fault. Laura acted how pretty much every athlete would in a similar situation. Namely to downplay, ignore and play in spite of any injuries she has. Laura's a tennis player, that's what she does, that's what she loves. She will do that unless she cannot. Her team's job in that situation is to not let her. They monumentally failed in this regard at every stage. Whether it was at the end of last season, the off season, the start of this season, the botched rehab after AO. Every stage was another failure. Her team must have known Laura would act like her injury wasn't serious, they just let her screw herself over.

To underscore how common this is, here's a list of people what Laura has that I personally know:
  • Competing with a severely infected face wound. She needed to go to hospital, but didn't until the next day. Despite the fact that it was weeping.
  • training and competing with a broken finger
  • competing not even 10 minutes after having an asthma attack. She was unable to walk after performing but did so again the next day.
  • Three people that broke their feet/ankles yet continued to train in spite of it. One of these people also has a bad shoulder and tendonitis in his knees.
  • Someone else who injured his ankle during the routine, continued, threw his tumbles. They have refused to get it x-rayed.
  • Someone with a back injury competing multiple times within 24 hours without wearing their back brace.
  • Competing with a broken collarbone. Said person is a physical wreck in general as a result of playing American Football as well.
  • Competing after being given news that one of their grandparent is dying, then getting to their bedside ASAP.
  • Competing for years with a nose broken so many times its impossible to breathe through.

That list was just off the top of my head, and only containing people that I know personally. It is by no means complete, and I could cite just as many cases for people I don't personally know but my point should be made. I think Laura acted like a fucking idiot, which is exactly how I would expect an injured athlete to act. The failure is that she was allowed to.
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