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Re: The Tadeja Majeric making her way to the top thread!

Tadeja is playing now vs Cagla and it is 3-3 on Serve
Cagla is tough so Tads will have to step up. Cagla is started to get frustrated with Tadeja's loopier mid-court balls though There is a stream which is great

And 0-30 with 2 Cagla errors so an opportunity to get the 1st Break

A wonderful Tadeja Backhand Return Winner Crosscourt for 0-40 and now a 2nd Serve

And Buyukakcay stuffs up another relatively easy backhand off a loopier ball and Tads breaks to love

Tadeja had 3 or 4 GPs at 4-3 but as the commentator is saying a lot (although he is right) she just pushed, standing 3 or 4 metres behind the baseline hoping for errors. Then she would play a better point at Deuce before doing the same again. When she was playing well last year she used to push but would play aggressively with her backhands and still punish short balls like she did vs Pavlyuchenkova but now she just pushes everything and she's not fast enough to do that She's doing better now though but she will need to step it up if she wants to win with these fast courts and Cagla not making errors any more

Tadeja has done well to get from 30-0 down to 30-40 now Didn't do quite enough on the return although it wasn't that bad but Cagla hit a big forehand and finished off the point. Similar point again although this time she just didn't attack the 2nd Serve which is disappointing. And she loses the game as Cagla continues to move the ball around and Tadeja loses the initiative She has to hold now

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