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Originally Posted by USOPEN10000
Who can can ever forget the trashing and humiliation Grand Slam Defeat of Graf by Bumble Bee Sanchez Vicario at the 1991 French Open Semis 6-0, 6-2.

How about the straight setter TROUNCING of Graf by the Wimbledon Legend Lori Mc Neil on the 1st round of 1994 Wimbledon. Graf made double history by becoming the 1st ever GS defending champ to ever been humiliated and ousted on the the very 1st round of a Grand Slam and Wimbledon.

At least when the Great Monica lost to Petrova, she was no longer the player she once was because of the stabbing by a Graf fan psychopath.

Again, what you and most Seles fans lack is any sense of perspective.

Let's say I was a Seles fan. Quite a stretch, but I'm willing to pretend if you are. Would I as a Seles fan be touting the thrashing and humiliation of any other player in a grand slam match, knowing full well that my own favorite (Seles) had suffered her own fair share of humilating defeats in Grand Slam matches, including a 6-2 6-1 thrashing at Wimbledon in the '92 final?

Furthermore, as the hypothetical Seles fan that I am, would I even venture to criticize someone who has won Wimbledon (7 times) for losing a first round match, knowing full well that my own favorite (Seles) only reached one Wimbledon final, didn't win it, and has never reached another final since?

Moreover, would I, as a hypothetical Seles fan, feel just a little bit silly about trying to explain away the last loss in a grand slam match by my favorite (Seles) with events that happened more than 10 years ago, all the while knowing that the fans of the other player I mentioned in a disparaging manner don't need any excuses to explain why their favorite lost her last grand slam match? Because if you are a Graf fan there is no shame in Steffi getting to the final of her last grand slam, especially when she managed to play a very close match. And, because there is no shame in Graf getting to the final of her second to the last grand slam and winning the tournament.

But, I guess there is more than enough shame to go around if you not only lose to a second-tier player in your last grand slam match, but you also fail to win the most prestigious grand slam of them all, Wimbledon. Because if Seles had actually won Wimbledon after she came back, if she had reached the final in her last grand slam played, and if there were no shame in the way Seles has performed since she came back, then you would probably have better things to talk about. But, you don't. So, here we are. How shameful is that!

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