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Originally Posted by Tecumseh View Post
At the moment Petra and Mona are the two players with the biggest gap between talent and results. It's really hard for me to see them slumping for such a long time.
I think you should add Sabine to your comment. Save for Wimbledon, Sabine is just as bad. These 3 players (all faves I might add) are at or near mid 20's and are floundering beyond belief, as mentioned. There is no excuse for them at their respective ages not to be comfortable with themselves and the Tour to compete and execute proficiently with their respective game and talent, especially as it pertains to Mona and Sabine, for they've won titles, both possessing top-10-15 talent. Coaching can only do so much. It's up to the player, especially with the Tour experience these players have, to be self-confident, prepared and ready to compete and execute consistently their game. However, for the most part their game is sloppy and error-laden, errors that are for the most part unforced, but in the case of Petra her ground game is loopy, light (lacking power) and slice dominant, which is not going to cut it in addition to being too skinny. Yet, save for the disaster at the AO, for the most part Petra hasn't been losing with bad score lines, like 1, 2 or 2, 2. She's been competitive by score, but she's losing to players she should beat, including her last match against Peer, for she's the better player.

I wonder sometimes if these players watch films of their matches, including their respective coaches, so that they can see what they're doing wrong and make some adjustments. If they did, especially in the cases of Mona and Sabine, they can see the awful display of tennis and correct their mistakes, seeing an improvement in their next match in how they execute.

I don't know what it's going to take to turn Petra around, save for putting on some weight, eliminate the over use of the slice, flattening out her ground game from the baseline and being self-confident, which can only come by winning. Her coaching change hasn't resulted in any changes to her game, which was expected, for his resume wasn't very good. Yet, she can't afford a better coach, for her purse is too light. Petra is just going to have to find the resolve within herself at some point, for she's heading for the ITF circuit in singles and has to play doubles on the Tour in order to keep her purse from having a hole in it. Mona is not very far behind her at the moment with the doubles pairing in Poland duly apt for 2 players on the same page in terms of the decline in execution, highlighted by ranking droppings. Sad for my girls and a downer for tennis for me thus far this year, which also includes Petra K., who I thought was going to have a stellar career coming off '11. As a fan, it's been disappointing for sure......
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