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Originally Posted by muusa View Post
In my circle of family and friends - nobody seems to be too worried, but most of us (including myself) surely have thought "what if..". My father for example is pessimistic about NATO offering any effective help (no, a couple of fighter jets won't do) in case we really need it. Some others are convinced that Russia wouldn't dare to try anything since we are in NATO.
Yeah it's a bit of a mix. I mean Estonia is the best example and in some ways the only one of how well a country can do when it was released from Soviet Control and that's why for instance Russia's Eurasian Union was going to include every country from the Former USSR except Estonia and maybe Latvia and Lithuania Also Russian speakers, although they are less well of in general compared to Estonian speakers, which in my opinion is there own fault, are much happier in Estonia than in other countries in the former USSR. To tell you the honest truth I don't know why Nato moved such an insignificant force to Estonia especially given that it won't do anything to protect the country but solely provokes Russia.

Anyway, back to Anett, I think her P1 is Oeiras Qualifying. The tournament is quite strong this year which is a bit of a shame so she may not get in. If she doesn't her P2 is 50K Indian Harbour Beach and her P3 is 25K Wiesbaden which is actually stronger than the American 50K

Anyway, with all these tournament entries all over the world and the whole Qualifying Drama I think she plans to do this.

Option 1: Does well in Osprey, Plays Charlottesville and then doesn't make Oeiras Qualifying/does well in Charlottesville and plays Indian Harbour Beach.
Option 2: Doesn't do that well in Osprey, plays Marrakech Qualifying and then either plays Wiesbaden or Oeiras Qualifying.

I hope she does Option 1 but seeing her in WTA is always nice irrelevant of how she has underperformed in the this year

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