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Re: Drama Queens Chat Thread v.2. ♥

Originally Posted by Dawson. View Post
Whoops! My mistake. Well that makes more sense, but I'm still fully expecting her to pull out.

I hope that if she's out for the entire clay court season she won't return for Wimbledon. That lack of match play added with the home pressure could be a real confidence blow. The general Wimbledon audience won't know/care she's been sidelined for 6 months, they'll still expect her to win the whole thing
I could not agree more. The backlash could ruin her. As you said the majority of the public would have no clue of her injury/lack of match play.

If she doesn't have a good set of matches under her belt before the grass then she should seriously not play. I could see her trying to tough it out by playing but it'd be a stupid decision.

It's a new art form showing people how little we care.
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