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Originally Posted by Panther24 View Post
I seriously CAN'T on how that thread of "what's better 2 slams or 1 slam + #1 ranking?" Became such an instant Ana bashing thread.

I understand she's a prime example because she's the only #1 in history to have only won 1 slam but the way some people respond or outright get out of the subject by criticizing her and calling her a fluke it's just ridiculous.

It's not even worth it dealing with trolls like Alexandros or spiteful haters like Olorin because they will always find a way try to make her look bad by proving "their point."

I'm done posting in that thread anyway, but I would seriously and more than anything want Ana to win that 2nd GS in order to send a big stick up the ass of all of those haters.

It's true she hasn't been the same since she reached #1 but she has shown she still has what it takes, just not there brain-wise.


Please do good on the clay. Defend all of the points as much as possible, be confident after your MM win and please be injury free. More than anything, believe in yourself. That's all I'm asking.
I too got annoyed. God, those trolls are so full of hate!

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