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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 7

Originally Posted by TennisFan66 View Post
Personally, I think 'lack of confidence' is just another excuse. It's been 3 years now. 3 years.

Burisleif (who hasn't been around for a long time) kept going on and on and on and on about, how change takes time. 3 years. Is that time enough?

Anyhoo, even if Caroline is low on confidence, it's her responsibility to fokking do something about it. Hire a coach ... Nah, scratch that. Been there, done that, saw the movie and bought the t-shirt.

Hire a sports psychologist ... Now there's a thought. But as she hasn't (as far as we know), she probably doesn't see confidence as that big a deal.

IMHO it's technical deficiencies, notably on the FH wing. When a player cannot hit 3 FH rally shots in a row without netting the ball, its a technical deficiency rather than lack of confidence. Again imho of course.
I can see your point. I think she's lacking in confidence, but I don't see her gaining any confidence either. For all this stuff about how she's got better recently, she is way down on her points tally at this time last year (816 vs 1487 adjusted for 2014 ranking system). I think a lack of confidence is basically entrenched into her now, because of how long it's gone on. She didn't gain anything from winning Seoul and Moscow in 2012, Luxembourg 2013 so I find it hard to believe she's gained anything mentally from any of her recent results.

To put everything down to confidence though is too simplistic. The simple reality is she's not the player she was. She's more vulnerable on the court than ever before. She's not losing 6-1 sets to Puig, going down a set and a break vs Karolina Pliskova because of a lack of confidence.

There's a lot of pretence that she was going down some hole of beating no-one, but reality is her hard court record over the last few years has always been ok. It's not at 2010 standards but it's ok, she's pretty consistent.

The problem I see atm is for me she's pretty much stagnated, she's not really heading in any direction, good or bad. I'm sure she can hold a top 20 rank. But most people's expectations are/were higher than that.

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