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Michael Jackson's real son?

A singer named Brandon Howard who goes by B. Howard is said to be the love child of Michael Jackson and Singer Miki Howard who was managed by Michael's father Joe Jackson. This story recently set a blaze on the news and on the internet. B. Howard actually grew up with the Jackson's and is like family to them. He spent weeks, summers and months at a time at the Jackson's house. He calls Michael's brothers uncle. He was also at the house with Michael's mother Katherine Jackson the day the call came in that Michael was gone. He hangs out with the Jackson children also and they call him cousin (not referring to Michael's none biological kids).

The similarities between Michael and Brandon is crazy. They look alike, they talk alike, they have the same look in their eyes, they have the same bone structure, they have the same chin with the same indents on each side, they both have slim frames, they sit alike and what takes the cake even more so is the fact that they sing alike too and B. Howard has that same glow and shy like personality. It is amazing to be honest.

A lot of people close to him who were close to Michael who are not family say they feel like they are talking to Michael when they see him. No one can shake this feeling when they have seen both Michael and Brandon. Below I have posted several comparison pictures of Michael Jackson and his "Son" B. Howard. I am also posting interviews of both Michael and B. Howard so you can hear them speak in my next post and in my third post I am posting songs and music videos so you can hear those too. First recall the lyrics to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. This part in particular:

She Showed A Photo Of A Baby Crying
His Eyes Looked Like Mine
See full lyrics here. B. Howard's birthday is April 2, 1981. Billie Jean was released January 2, 1983. Michael wrote the lyrics and it came from a real life experience that occurred in you guessed it, 1981 but they completely give another story so the fans will not know that Michael has fathered a child. It was important to Michael to appear single and available. He even put a picture of the woman over his bed but they never gave her name, they only claimed she was a fan. See the Billie Jean history here. Also they used to call Miki Howard Billie because of her strong vocals. Miki Howard also did a tribute to Billie Holiday by singing her hits. This is where many believe the name Billie Jean came from. Below is a picture of the album cover. So do you think B. Howard is Michael Jackson's Son? Please vote and discuss why you feel he is.

Below are some comparison pictures with Michael and B. Howard.

B. Howard, Augie Johnson (B. Howard's alleged father) & Michael.

In this picture notice the cheeks, the chin, the space between the nose, the eyebrows (they are both arched differently but in other pics you can see they have the same shape), the eyes. This pic really speaks for itself.

A picture of both of them singing. The similarity is amazing.

This picture shows they have the same head shape, even the ear spacing.

His Mother Miki Howard:

His alleged father Augie Johnson: Notice he has a longer more pointed chin and nose. Also his cheeks have a deeper crease in them. None of his features are like B. Howard's. See the comparison picture.

B. Howard with his alleged father Augie Johnson & his mother Miki Howard as a child & a picture of Michael as a child:

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