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Lance Tingay of the Guardian (part of the panel listing below)

01. Maureen Connolly (US)
02. Doris Hart (US)
03. Beverly Fleitz (US)
04. Louise Brough (US)
05. Margaret Du Pont (US)
06. Shirley Fry (US)
07. Betty Pratt (Jamaica)
08. Helen Fletcher (England)
09. Angela Mortimer (England)
10. Thelma Long (Australia)

World Tennis

1 Connolly
2 Hart
3 Fleitz
4 Brough
5 Pratt
6 Fry
7 Breit
8 Hard
9 Mortimer
10 Mottram

Combined Panel Ranking

On November 29 the New York Times published a panel ranking-with 10 points for first, 9 for second-to 1 point for #10. The Times informs us this was the first panel ranking of its type.

The panelists were Lance Tingay of the London Telegraph; CM Jones of Britih Lawn Tennis and Squash; Rene Mathieu of Smash magazine, Philippe Chatrier of Tennis de France; Umberto Mezzanote of Tennis Italiano; Arthur Goldman of Anson Press in South Africa, Allison Danzig of the New York Times, and Jack Russell of Tennis Australia.

With 8 named panelists and 6 lists (evident from Connolly's point total) only 6 of 8 contributed lists for women.

Their combined rankings came up with the following:

01. Maureen Connolly-------60 points
02. Doris Hart--------------54 points
03. Louise Brough----------47 points
04. Margaret dy Pont------ 36 points
05. Shirley Fry-------------34 points
06. Betty Rosenquest Pratt-27 points
06. Beverly Baker Fleitz-----27 points
08. Helen Fletcher----------15 points
09. Angela Mortimer--------11 points
10. Joy Mottram-----------06 points

"Trabert and Miss Connolly Head Writers' World Tennis Ratings." New York Times (1923-Current file), Nov 29, 1954, pp. 29, ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times with Index,

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