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Originally Posted by tie_breaker View Post
I was almost interested until I found out that it was fiction.
So, I broke down and downloaded it last night - it was a pretty quick read at 240 pages. Decently written but poorly edited, still the content is worth reading. It's a rather scathing endictment of UF, certain individuals and apparently the complete dysfunction that was the '03 championship team. I guess chemistry is overrated.

Technically it;s fiction, but more like "based on a true story". Some liberties have been taken with some details and the timeline and the names have changed to protect the guilty, but for anyone familiar with UF's '03 championship team, it is not exactly hard to guess the true identities of Magley's coaches and teammates (e.g. the sub-5 ft Mexican, the black girl that had a baby, or the senior playing out of her depths at #1).
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