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Originally Posted by barabanschikova_fan
Maureen Drake... again, again and again... it make me sick... after that she cry because Navratilova is still playing..navratilova could get it the main of any tournamenet by playing qualies...not you maureen...

But am i surprise with Tennis Canada decision? Nooooooooo, they still make me sick! But her on court 6!!! With 2-3 persons i nthe stand! We don't care here!!!
do we really have to hear your same useless comments every singles year? again, again and again....

Maureen is our highest ranked player right now, and although her year has not been as good as previous, her points earned this year still put her in second behind Pelletier. I don't see any other Canadians reaching 50k challenger finals, and to be completely realistic, I really would be pretty surprised if any of the Canadians won a main draw match unless they drew eachother Hope they prove me wrong, but who else is there really? Marois was just double bagelled by someone Maureen handled routinely last week, Ko was also beaten easily in 2 sets in a qualifying tournament. The only 2 who could possibly merit wildcards are Dubois and Wozniak because of their junior efforts and their Fed Cup efforts, but at this stage, it would not hurt either of them to play the qualifying event where they will have a better chance of winning. They are also juniors still, so the prize money won't be given to them either.

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