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61. Jan Lehane
GS titles won: A- M- 1960, 61

First woman player known to use a two-handed backhand, later followed by Peaches Bartkowicz then Chris Evert.

62. Federation Cup
Establshed by the ITF in 1963 in celebration of their 50th anniversary. It was to be a women's equivalent to Davis Cup, albeit with a different format. For over 3 decades, Federation Cup was held at one site over a one week period. This format proved to be a big money loser, as most of the premium seats were given away to officials from the 32 participating federations. In 1995, it went to a format similar to Davis Cup, with home and away ties for World Group teams. This proved to be quite successful, but didn't prevent the ITF from using Fed Cup as a test lab for different formats. This constant tinkering has had a detrimental effect on the competiton which, even after 40 years, has yet to receive its proper respect from tennis officials or media.

63. Judy Tegart Dalton
GS titles won: A- D- 1964, 67, 69, 70; M-1966; W-D-1969; U- D- 1970, 71

64. Nancy Richey Gunter
GS titles won: A- S-1967; D-1966; F-S-1968; W-D-1966; U- D- 1965, 66

Won the first Open grand slam singles event.

65. Françoise Durr
GS titles won: F- S-1967; D- 1967-71; M- 1968, 71, 73; W-M-1976; U- D- 1969, 72

An interesting player with a self-described "oonique" backhand. It should surprise no one that she was self-taught. Also known for having a very slow, although heavily spun, serve, which wouldn't even register on early radar guns. She is the last French-born player to win a GS singles title.

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