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56. Maria Bueno
GS titles won: A-D-1960; F- D-1960; M-1960; W- S- 1959, 60, 64; D- 1959, 60, 63, 65, 66; U- S- 1959, 63, 64, 66; D- 1960, 62, 66, 68

Serve/volley player from Brazil, known for her grace on court. Was the first South American to win Wimbledon. Also talented in doubles, she won the Grand Slam in doubles in 1960. Her career was marred by several injuries, but she still accumulated a Hall of Fame resumé. She returned to action in the 1970's on the WTA Tour.

Did you know: Bueno was the first player to win a grand slam singles championship while wearing color tennis panties.

57. Margaret Smith Court
GS titles won: A- S- 1960-66, 69-71, 73; D- 1961-63, 65, 69-71, 73; M- 1963, 64; F- S- 1962, 64, 69, 70, 73; D- 1964-66, 73; M- 1963-65, 69; W- S- 1963, 65, 70; D- 1964, 69; M- 1963, 65, 66, 68, 75; U- S- 1962, 65, 69, 70, 73; D- 1963, 68, 70, 73, 75; M- 1961-65, 69, 70, 72

All time record holder for most slam titles in singles and overall. She won the calendar Grand Slam in singles in 1970 and mixed in 1963. Was the second player ever to win a calendar slam in singles, and second ever to complete the full set of slam titles in a career, and the first to win every slam title more than once. Shares the record for most consecutive slam singles titles won with 6. Won the "triple crown" at the Australian in 1963, the French in 1964, and the US in 1970. Despite a couple of maternity breaks, was able to return to the top of the sport. Records were spotty for her era, but is believed to have win and title totals similar to Navratilova's. (A tally by the Blast folks had her at over 190 career singles titles, although it's unclear how many would be considered "tour level".) Was one of the first woman players to work hard on physical conditioning, training with the Aussie men.

Did you know-- Court lost in the 1960 Australian junior girls competition 2 days before winning the women's singles title.

58. Billie Jean King
GS titles won: A- S-1968; M-1968; F- S-1972; D-1972; M- 1967, 70; W- S- 1966-68, 72, 73, 75; D- 1961, 62, 65, 67, 68, 70-73, 79; M- 1967, 71, 73, 74; U- S- 1967, 71, 72, 74; D- 1964, 67, 74, 78, 80; M- 1967, 71, 73, 76

Tennis legend around whom the modern tour was built in 1970. In addition to having a hand in founding what would become the WTA Tour, she also founded World Team Tennis and the Women's Sports Foundation. Won a record 20 Wimbledon titles. Won the triple crown at Wimbledon in 1967 and 1973, and the US in 1967. Partnered Owen Davidson to the last three legs of his mixed Grand Slam in 1967. She won a non-calendar mixed Grand Slam in 1967-68. In her first full year on the world circuit, after finishing college, she won her first GS singles title and finished at #1. A rare player to win a slam title in 3 different decades. She competed in slam singles draws in 4 different decades. Was oldest player to win a WTA Tour singles title. Was one of the first woman players to work out with weights.

Did you know-- King's younger brother is former San Francisco Giants pitcher Randy Moffitt.

59. Adrienne Shirley "Ann" Haydon Jones
GS titles won: F- S- 1961, 66; D- 1963, 68, 69; W- S-1969; M-1969

One of the last great British players, and the last to hold the #1 ranking. She retired after finally winning Wimbledon in 1969.

Did you know-- the BBC forced Jones to remove a Pepsi logo from her bag before the 1969 Wimbledon final, and the AELTC threatened to disqualify her.

60. Lesley Turner
GS titles won: A- D- 1964, 65, 67; M- 1962, 67; F- S- 1963, 65; D- 1964-66; W- D-1964; M- 1961, 64; U-D-1961

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