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36. Dorothy Round
GS titles won: A-S-1935; W- S- 1934, 37; M- 1934-36

Last British woman to hold the #1 ranking for decades. It wasn't until the 1950's that another British woman even won a GS singles title. An all-court player with good volleys and a strong backhand. Round loved pace from her opponents.

Did you know-- Round was a Sunday School teacher, and refused to play on that day.

37. Thelma Long
GS titles won: A- S- 1952, 54; D- 1936, 40, 47-49, 51, 52, 56, 58; M- 1951, 52, 54, 55; F-M-1956

In a career befitting her surname, Long won her first and last slam titles, both Australian doubles, an incredible 22 years apart. Won 9 Australian doubles titles. Was known as "The Australian #2", as she was always behind Bolton, who had more power, more speed, and a bigger serve.

38. Nancye Wynne Bolton
GS titles won: A- S- 1937, 40, 46-8, 51; D- 1936-40, 47-49, 51, 52; M- 1940, 46-8

Dominant Australian war-era player. Was singles champ before and after WW II, which undoubtedly cost her even more titles. Still managed then-records of 6 singles titles, 10 doubles titles, and 20 overall Australian titles. Had a big serve, and a big forehand which produced a lot of winners and errors. Was very streaky. Got in trouble with Australian tennis officials on a couple of occasions. Married during the war, but her husband was killed in combat.

Did you know-- Bolton became a golfer after her tennis career.

39. Alice Marble
GS titles won: W- S-1939; D- 1938, 39; M- 1937-39; U- S- 1936, 38-40; D- 1937-40; M- 1936, 38-40

Most famous for being the first prominent serve/volleyer. Won the Wimbledon triple in 1939, and was the partner for Bobby Riggs' infamous sweep in which he bet on himself to win all 3 titles and pocketed over $100K. The two of them swept all 5 Wimbledon titles that year. Marble also won a "triple triple" at the US Championships, winning all 3 titles for 3 successive years (1938-40)

Did you know: Marble blasted the USLTA in a prominent tennis publication for refusing to allow Althea Gibson to play in their events. It was this criticism that may have shamed them into it.

40. Anita Lizana
GS titles won: U-S-1937

Was first South American, and first Latin American, to win a GS singles title, and first to reach #1. Renowned for her drop shot.

Did you know-- Lizana married a Scot and moved away. Years later, when she returned to Chile, she needed a translator because she could no longer understand Spanish.

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