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31. Helen Jacobs
GS titles won: W-S-1936; U- S- 1932-35; D- 1932, 34, 35; M- 1934

Forever refered to as "the other Helen", she was overshadowed by her more famous colleague, Helen Wills Moody. Won the US triple crown in 1934

Did you know-- Jacobs had a match point on her rival Moody in the 1935 Wimbledon final, and the wind blew the ball off course, causing her to miss an easy smash.

32. Joan Hartigan
GS titles won: A- S- 1933, 34, 36; M- 1934

Unlike previous Australian champs, who played a varied game, Hartigan's was built around her forehand. Was a very popular champion with the Australian crowds, due to her friendly personality (and pleated skirts?). Had great success in Europe, including 2 Wimbledon semis. Defeated 2 seeds in her first visit there.

Did you know-- Hartigan had a leg strain in 1933, and nearly withdrew from the Australian Championships.

33. Hilde Krahwinkel Sperling
GS titles won: F- S- 1935-37; W-M-1933

First to win 3 straight French Championships? First great German, then Danish champion. Played a counterpunching game, predicated on her speed, and would wear down her opponents. Her matches were generally not considered asthetically pleasing.

Did you know-- Sperling was a cross-country runner.

34. Simone Mathieu
GS titles won: F- S- 1938, 39; D- 1933, 34, 36-39; M- 1937, 38; W- D- 1933, 34, 37

French champion the two years leading into WW II, was probably deprived more titles by the war. Won the French triple crown in 1938. Played a grinding baseline game, which often resulted in long matches.

Did you know-- Mathieu's matches with her rival Sperling were notorious for their length, and tested the endurance of the players (and fans?).

35. Margaret Croft "Peggy" Scriven
GS titles won: F- S- 1933, 34; D-1935; M-1933

Scriven was the first left-handed woman to win a GS singles title. Was also the first British woman to win the French Championships. Was known for her forehand.

Did you know-- Scriven won the British junior championship without ever having had a lesson.

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