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26.Daphne Akhurst
GS titles won: A- S- 1925, 26, 28-30; D- 1924, 25, 28, 29, 31; M- 1924, 25, 28, 29

First great champion of the Australian Championships. Her record of 5 singles and 14 total titles at the tournament stood for about a decade and a half until broken by Bolton. Known for being fit and fast, with great footwork. When Kitty McKane wrote a tennis instructional book, she cited Akhurst's footwork as the ideal model. Played an all-court game. Had a couple of successful overseas trips, despite a knee injury nagging her on one of them. Retired from singles after marriage in 1930. The tennis world was stunned when she died at the age of 29.

Did you know-- Akhurst was as talented a pianist as tennis player, and was associated with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

27. Ted Tinling
The most famous (or infamous) fashion designer in women's tennis history. He was a walking encyclopedia of the sport, having been involved with it in some manner from the heyday of Lenglen, through the Slims 70's (when he was the official tour designer) until his death in 1990. He gained perhaps the most notoriety as the designer of the lace panties Gussy Moran wore in 1949.

Did you know: Ted made a couple of final predictions in 1990 before he passed away. One was that this newcomer, Monica Seles, had the personality to give the sport a real boost. The other was that Martina would win Wimbledon that year. He was right on both counts.

28. Jedwiga Jedrzejowska
GS titles won: F- D- 1939

Enduring player from Poland, famous for being the top ranked player from her country for over 30 years, starting from the 1920's. Her career spanned the eras from Helen Wills Moody up through Maureen Connolly, Althea Gibson, Maria Bueno, Margaret Smith Court, and Billie Jean King.

Did you know-- after the 1937 US final, Jedrzejowska and Lizana embraced at the net and kissed, shocking spectators and officials. It was the first time it happened after a GS final. (6 years earlier, Nuthall and Whittingstall did so after a semifinal.)

29. Sarah Palfrey
GS titles won: F-M-1939; W-D-1938, 39; U- S- 1941, 45; D- 1930, 32, 34, 35, 37-41; M- 1932, 35, 37, 41

A top doubles player of the war era. Won an impressive 9 US doubles titles. Unfortunately for her, that record didn't last very long with the emergence of the legendary Brough/Osborne team.

30. Betty Nuthall
GS titles won: F- D-1931; M- 1931, 32; U- S-1930; D- 1930, 31, 33; M- 1929, 31

Was the first British player to win the US Championships, and did so as a teenager. Was a dominant junior player who never achieved the same level of results in the senior events.

Did you know-- Nuthall was the British junior champion for 3 straight years-- starting at the age of 13!

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