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16. Mary K. Browne
GS titles won: W-D-1926; U- S- 1912-14; D- 1912-14, 21, 25; M- 1912-14, 21

Like Wightman, Browne had a 3 year unbeaten run at the U.S. Nationals, winning the triple "triple" from 1912-1914.

17. Elizabeth Ryan
GS titles won: F- D- 1930, 32-34; W- D- 1914, 19-23, 25-27, 30, 33, 34; M- 1919, 21, 23, 27, 28, 30, 32; U- D- 1926; M- 1926, 33

The most successful doubles specialist of the early 20th century. She formed a great partnership with Suzanne Lenglen. Set a record with 19 total titles at Wimbledon, the first and last of which came 20 years apart.

Did you know--Ryan most adamantly did not want to see her Wimbledon record broken. Perhaps not coincidently, she died on the eve of the 1979 women's doubles final, where King did just that.

18. Molla Bjurstedt Mallory
GS titles won: U- S- 1915-18, 20-22, 26; M- 1917, 22, 23

Most successful U.S. singles champ ever, winning 8 singles titles. Handed Suzanne Lenglen a rare singles loss in the brutal New York summer heat and humidity.

Did you know-- when arriving in the U.S., Mallory listed her occupation as "masseuse".

19. Early 20th Century GS Champions
Muriel Robb (W-S-1902); Dora Boothby (W-S- 1909; D- 1913); Ethel Larcombe (W-S-1912; M-1914); Winifred McNair (W-D-1913); Agatha Morton (W-D-1914); Agnes Daniell Tuckey (W-M-1913); Helen Homans (U- S-1906; D-1905); Evelyn Sears (U- S-1907; D-1908); Maud Barger-Wallach (U-S-1908); Edith Parker (U-D-1900); Hallie Champlin (U-D-1900); Miriam Hall (U-D-1904); Mrs. L.S. Coe (U-D-1906); Marie Weimer (U-D-1907); Margaret Curtis (U-D-1908); Edith Rotch (U-D- 1909-10; M-1908); Eleanora Sears (U-D- 1911, 15-17; M- 1916); Dorothy Green (U-D-1912); Mrs. R.H. Williams (U-D- 1913, 14, 21); Eleanor Goss (U-D- 1918-20, 26); Marion Zinderstein (U- D- 1918-20, 22; M-1919); Margaret Hunnewell (U-M-1900); Helen Chapman (U-M-1903); Alice Hobart (U-M-1905); Sarah Coffin (U-M-1906); May Sayres (U-M-1907)

20. Early Roland Garros Singles Champions
Adine Masson (1897-99, 1902-03); Y. Prevost (1900); P.Girod (1901); Katie Gilou Fenwick (1904-6, 08); Countesse de Kermel (1907); Jeanne Matthey (1909-12); Marguerite Broquedis Billout (1913-14); Suzanne Lenglen (1919-23); Didi Vlasto (1924)

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