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Re: *Vika Azarenka Cheering Thread* - Vikalume 4.

Originally Posted by hurricanejeanne View Post
She did admit to feeling like a spectator in the match; sounded almost like she was having an out of body experience.
She admitted she played like crap and was predictable though gave credit the Agatha. But she definitely knows that she was the catalyst to her own demise out there. She finished the interview saying that she'll have to do something she "doesn't like to do" whatever the hell that means.

She can't rest on her laurels, she's not Serena who even at 10% can 99% of the time serve her way out of shit. She had a shit night that culminates her shitty form she's been dragging around with her for a year. Agatha went out and played all junk, all push and waiting for Vika to implode and implode she did. Honestly, I'm hoping that this loss hurts her ego more than anything else, maybe that will get her to realize she needs to start working harder again.

Regarding the rest of the tournament: If Na doesn't win it this year, she's NEVER going to win it. It's perfectly set up for her now. And Baby Jesus knows I'm staying out of GM if she does, I am not going to watch RandomChineseScrub-GOAT make 900 threads about the glory of China. Personally, I feel that it would be more fitting that this goes down like 2006. No one really wins the title just someone gets the trophy.
My impression was that the thing she didn't like to do was referring to on the court, in other words changing her tactics to something that wasn't her natural playstyle but that might discomfort her opponent. Moonballing down the middle or something, I don't know, but the context was that she felt she'd just been sitting in her comfort zone and watching herself lose. I don't necessarily agree with that, it looked to me that she got frustrated, tensed up and lost focus but only she knows.

I hope Li wins the title, she was pretty unlucky at the slams last year, rolling her ankle against Vika, and being a challenge away from winning the first set against Radwanska at wimbledon. Contrary to reputation she was pretty consistently good throughout the whole year.

The fawning over Radwanska and her playstyle in the media is annoying now, if she won the tournament it would be unbearable. She has great hands and footspeed but from some of the things you read you'd think she's mind-controlling the opponent's shots while juggling a football and completing a thesis on quantum gravity.

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