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Re: Ana's serve, then and now

Originally Posted by Cp6uja View Post
While we still waiting for Ana's serve progress (comeback), we can still enjoy on hers amazing improvement of serve-return skills which started previous season!

She broke in very important matches this season Venus Williams and Samantha Stosur 4 times both, which is both arguable (at least) TOP10 best servers in history of women's tennis!
After 5 days of AO-2014 Ana is WTA leading player in "Break points won" category (18), 2nd best in "1st serve return points" (72) and one of best in "Break point conversions" (18/25=72%)!

Unfortunatetely, Ana's next opponent is WTA GOAT and all-time best server Serena Williams, so maybe all this improvements will not be enough for just 3rd Serena's lose in last 10 months (1st since August), but anyway, this progress already deserved to be noted as crucial for Ana's great start of 2014 season.

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