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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Okay, I'll apologize just SLIGHTLY for getting gratuitous with the awesome journalism on the WTA webpage, but they've forced my hand a bit when they referred to Stepanek and Kvitova as tennis' power couple.......ummmmmmm, I think that we're gonna have to redefine "power" here after both titans failed to escape the 1st round of the AO.

I wonder how many times Sampras, Fed or Rafa QUIT in a Slam match with a headache...probably not too often, huh? There seem to be quite a few swishes here at TF who are in love with Stepanek, so I'll remind them that Lance Arnstrong also went several years with nothing but negative drug tests. I wonder if Radek will have the same superb impact on Petra's career that he had on Vaidisova's. At the very least, he can teach her how to snort coke and still beat the WTA's urinalysis screenings better than his OTHER ex-love, Hingis, did. You've gotta give him credit for parlaying doubles as an excuse to masquerade as a tennis player and hang around & prey on the dim-witted offerings in the WTA...of whom there are MANY, as we can see

It would be too easy to describe this as older predator taking advantage of young girl, because Kvitova is numerically old enough that she SHOULD be able to function as an least in theory. However, she showed strong hints of her emotional maturity rating with her LAST bf who was 5 years younger and barely above the jailbait cutoff point. Petra seems to have a xenophobic fear of anyone who's not affiliated with the Czech club team that she grew up with, so that precludes her from getting a REAL manager or experienced physical trainer who might help her lose her beer belly paunch someday. She claims that she trained REALLY intensely in the offseason, especially on her mental game; if THIS is what intense training yields, then I'd hate to see what laziness would produce. I think that Kvitova should set more modest goals, like learning how to pronounce the word "matches" opposed to 'mah-cheese'...even Li Na can laugh at THAT one

Power couple, huh?

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