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Originally Posted by Princess Fiona
I really like Venus - I'm sorry she didn't win. It was the first time that I'd really seen Karolina - wow!! I am certainly going to follow her in the future... Anyway... *back on topic*

I feel sorry for Venus (for what happened in the tie-break) and this has also cast a shadow over the biggest win of Karolina's career. People do of course make mistakes though (I know all about mistake making... *blush* ) - I imagine the umpire is feeling awful and embarrassed about what has happened. And Karolina did have the bad call in the first set as has been stated...

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I respect what you have said. But a Point in a game vs. a point in a Tie-break are totally different and the significance is much greater, thats the big deal.

I feel Venus played as well as she could've, but was to defensive yesterday. and got pretty tight on her opportunities. She was the one with everything to lose yesterday, so she played tighter...but in retrospect, they both played pretty well.


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