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Originally Posted by jenglisbe
Yes it was a bad mistake and Sprem got a point she shouldn't have. That's all fact. Still, is that ultimately any different than the bad call that was made in the 1st set that would have given Sprem 2 set points? Is it any different than Serena not getting another 1st serve in the SF of Roland Garros last year?

Umpires and lines people make mistakes all the time because, guess what, they're human!! Most matches have an incorrect call, an incorrect decision, etc. Why is this really any different?
That was indeed a tough mistake to make esp in a tie break where every point counts. This wasn't a line call but a point freely given. which means at 7/7 Venus already had the set won. Anything was possible after that. But we will never know but that isn't the point.
And no this isn't similar to the SF at RG last year. This time it was the umpire at fault, at RG the umpire didn't see the hand and justine wasn't honest.

Rena- a tennis great! 22 at striking distance.
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