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Re: Showtime Drama: "Homeland"

Originally Posted by Sir Stefwhit View Post
This last episodes has also introduced doubts in my mind about this show, but for me that's nothing new. The great thing about this show is when I get to a point where I start to have major criticisms the series seems to miraculously make them disappear in later episodes. As it currently stands I'm beyond annoyed with Carrie!

I don't mind her having feelings for Brody in the least bit mainly because love is anything but rational and most times its not something in your conscious control. So I will give her a pass for that, but her unprofessionalism is something I can't get past. Her blatant disregard for protocol and her unwillingness to follow a direct order is getting old. I get that every now and then u go against orders and listen to your gut and when things pan out u can get a 'pass', but they seem to be really running w.this theme. Its like everyone is an idiot except for Carrie and since she knows better rules don't apply to her.

Like I said in the past this show always takes care of problems I have so I hope this time isn't an exception.

I'm going to start season 3 this weekend but I don't expect much to change regarding Carrie...

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