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Re: Camila Giorgi Cheering Thread!!

Originally Posted by SuckMila View Post
i just realized her updated web site is up...there are a lof ot fotos of babymila !!!

it looks like her shoulder is ok and they started working hard on the tattic. The last year she was always injuried, they never nkew if she was able to play and they couldnt do any specific work, but if she will stay healthy this year, they will work on her tattic on long term

she is going to play 23-25 tournaments this year and they say they hope to reach the 2nd week at melbourne park so they can skip Paris after the Australia

they are always "optimistic"
That's the right way She plays great at Slams when she is not injured. 2nd week in Melbourne isn't utopia.
I think she will flop at Sydney though
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