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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Some of you have heard me comment on the educational apocalypse that's spreading worldwide to most nations(hat's off to those rare few who still stand for academic integrity). At our university, we have a no-account shrew administrator who's my boss' boss.

While my boss/dept. co-ordinator is a former teacher(still does it on a part-time basis) who respects the importance of QUALITY education, HER boss is nothing more than an ex-accountant, with ZERO educational experience, who worries more about running a diaper-changing service for rich, spoiled pukes who might throw a hissy-fit and threaten to take his/her lazy ass(i.e., INCOME) to another school.

We just had one senior who claimed how important/urgent it was for him to graduate(translation: his dad must have threatened to cut off funding after he failed his last English course ). He has normally been a high 'C' student... which is around the upper 70s for those of you who don't use the letter-grading system...but, after a night of heavy drinking or masturbating at porno websites...or maybe BOTH...he only scored a 55% on a recent final exam. After trying to bribe his teacher--which drew no reprimand AT ALL from the POS administrator, he also failed the final make-up exam with a 63%.

End of story?? Oh noooo. You see, one of the other teachers misgraded the exam and mistaken told him that he'd passed. Even though the head of the department herself double-checked the exam and found out that the douchebag student had failed, our money-grubbing lowlife admin. thought that the false report of passage was an injustice that entitled the jerk-off to ANOTHER make-up exam(she was also swayed by his complaint that the questions on the exam were too confusing for, seriously).

I don't know if that dude passed his THIRD final exam or not because my boss was going to grade that one but, without a doubt, the sissy boy will never get his degree without passing the TOEFL exam...which he missed by a fair margin when he took it last...and he doesn't have enough cash to bribe even our sleazy money hound. So, in the end, he'll get what he deserved

We have MORE than enough corruption and bribery in my I appreciate every day that those vices haven't completely overrun the education system,too

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