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Re: Ana's serve, then and now

Originally Posted by Cp6uja View Post
Nope... You obviously can't even image how just one or two percents better serve stats is able to make fundamental difference in some players achievements!
I do know, i do know don't take what i said seriously. I was only joking ("Lies, damned lies, and statistics") about these stats:

Fault on second serve 12%-13%
First serve 57%-56%
First serve point won 70%-69%
Second serve point won 48%-48%
Service point won 60%-60%

For example with 70% percent of 1st serve points won from 2007 Ana will be #6 in 2013 instead #21 with 67%. With 48% winning points on 2nd serve she will be #10 instead #22 with 47%, and with 74% service games won from 2007 she will be #4 in that category in 2013, instead #18 with 70%... etc... Also don't forget that Ana's 2007 season before amazing claycourt May's breakthrough (Berlin title, RG final) was pretty mediocre (she is around #15 in YEC RACE).

But also, fact is that hers return game stats is much better in 2013 than in 2012, and very similar (even slightly better!) like for 2007 season which she finished like TOP5 player. To make improvement in 2014 Ana should to continue to improve hers return game stats, or to hold them on current level with recovering hers serve stats at least on 2012 level. In general, Ana's 2013 serve stats are one of worst she ever have for some season, but hers return game stats are probably second best ever (after golden May2007-June2008 period).
That's all right. These stats are very interesting, they show that Ana's appropriately ranked, but don't tell the whole story. I mean... in these stats first point of the match has the same value of the last one. When Ana stops choking, her stats instantaneously will be better.
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