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Originally Posted by Play_Suspended View Post
Part of me is really excited for the new season, thinking it can't be as bad as last year. Then the other side thinks 'oh but it can be...'. So yeah not sure I'm ready for the stress yet at least in the off season you still have hope

I am sooo bad at coming up with good names for cheering threads.
Well, last season wasn't actually that bad. It certainly wasn't much worse than her previous season, overall. What the problem with Laura is is the difference between her highs and lows. When she's on, she shows the kind of skill befitting a top 10 or better player. When she's off, she looks like she doesn't belong in the top 100. I honestly hope the difference between Laura's highs and lows is less this year, even if it means her best performance is worse than her best of the 2013 season.

It could have been worse, she could have had Heather's season.

Except for the last line, I suspect that I'll be able to use this exact post next year.
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