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Re: Your first live match...

My first live match was in Cincy 2009 I drove down for the QF/SF/F. And my first live match I saw was Peng vs. Safina

Wasn't a huge fan of either of those players but it was the match that was on centre court. Since then I've learned some things about going to tournaments --> i.e. only going to the early rounds and qualifying. See way more matches for a cheaper price. And since my boyfriend and I are such big fans of tennis anyway, we know so many of the lower ranked players so it really isn't a big deal.

Have been to the past two USO's in 2012 and 2013 and the past two years of Cincinnati as well. Qualifying for Cincy this year and last year I actually was interning at the event so I was there for the entire event. Really great experience.

Slams I think again the earlier rounds have the most value. Have been the first week the past two years and it's been amazing. Can't wait to go to the other 3 slams

Oh and also, if there's an ITF in your area I would recommend those as well

Have been to Midland 100k in MI the past two years and that's amazing as well. In some ways, better than pro events. You can get so close to the players, talk to them, ask for pictures, etc. The guests are allowed in the "lounge" area where the players are hanging out and using the computers so it's nice to see how they act in that time as well. Seeing Jamie Hampton on FB

And I can't remember who it was but there was a player we saw who was on TF checking the results
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