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Re: The Sofa: for off topic chat.

Originally Posted by Royals. View Post
Yeah... someone mentioned they thought Genie came across quite cold in an interview about the whole coaching situation.

Laura should have known this would be a problem, Saviano and Genie's coaching relationship was confirmed before the off season. She should have steered clear away from it all. I just hope it's not a massive falling out and they both can put it past them.

Thinking about it now, they are both in Florida and not even one picture together? There's been a war of words. It's clear.
I've already responded to this nonsense on Eugénie's 'Cheering Thread Vol. 2' (See posts #118 & #127, and also the very sensible replies by Vincey - #120 and Guichard - #122). For some reason the discussion has now spilled over onto her 'Picture Thread' as well! Everyone seems obsessed at the moment with the Laura-Génie dynamic. As Royals pointed out during that discussion, there is nothing in Génie's intonation during the radio interview to suggest she is irritated with Laura or anyone else: the idea exists purely in the imaginings of Katja and Genie_Fan. You only have to look at Laura and Génie's recent posts on social media to see that they are both in good humour and enjoying their time at Saviano's academy.
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