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Re: The Sofa: for off topic chat.

Originally Posted by KeysisGOAT View Post
He's got no incentive to lie about it though. There wasn't anything that I thought was him trying to salvage his female fanbase. And honestly, how many people that are going to turn away from him for being in a relationship with a man are going to buy that he's not totally gay anyway?
I don't want to sound like I'm criticising him or being too harsh as what he did was really tough and I totally respect him for it, but...he does have a reason to not come out as definitely gay. Could be because he thinks people will view being bi better than being gay (whether that viewpoint is true or not is another question entirely) or to save his fanbase. There isn't that much money in diving and hysterical teenage girls certainly make up for that, why take away their dreams when they make you so much money? Of course the counter argument to that is he will attract a gay fanbase as well now (although to some extent he had that already). This way he can draw support from his fanbase (which I'm sure he will get), and whilst a lot would have stuck with him anyway he definitely would have lost some support if he came out as gay.

Of course that's the most cynical side (and I hope the wrong one). The more likely options as you say are either that he actually is bi (shock horror) or he isn't sure yet (probably most likely).

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