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Re: The Sofa: for off topic chat.

Originally Posted by KeysisGOAT View Post
Well, good for him. Everyone deserves to be happy.

Um guys, bisexuality is a thing that exists. Hell, he even says straight up that he still has feelings for girls. Just because he's in a relationship with a guy doesn't mean he never fancied girls, nor that he never will again.
I agree completely, happiness is something everyone deserves to have. Tom is clearly very happy and comfortable within himself now.

I still think he was trying to sugarcoat it though...(he does a plenty of female fans) I think he didn't want to alienate them completely, so maybe just said that for the sake of it.

Not saying he's lying, he may well still like girls. Just the impression I got from the video.

It's a new art form showing people how little we care.
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