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Re: The Sofa: for off topic chat.

Originally Posted by Royals. View Post
Omg. Mara Wilson is amazing.

Her blog. thanks for posting the link Paton. << Can I say that? Kotre/KeysIsGoat sounds weird. Actually what does Kotre mean?
I'd prefer to be called Ali, but sure. Have any objection to me calling you Jess, on account of all of your previous names being silly? The short answer is it means nothing important. The long answer is that on another forum my name is Remix. At the time I signed up here my name on that forum was Kotre Ibushimix which is a reference to a Japanese professional wrestler called Kota Ibushi who I'm a fan of.

Aren't you glad you asked?

Originally Posted by Play_Suspended View Post
Very true. Mind you think I'm stressing about next season already and it hasn't even started...

Paton? Thought Kotre's name was Ali?
You're both right. Paton's my surname, Ali(stair) is my forename. I'm assuming that you've got both too, Alex . My twitter handle is @PatonDrugs (which Royals/@LethalLeftie/Jess has). I picked that name because a pharmacy degree is basically a degree about drugs, and there used to be a bookshop in my home town called Paton Books. It wasn't owned by a family member (although it was founded/opened by a Great Aunt (I think), and my Dad lived above it for a time), but the new owners kept the name. I do so love making reference to things nobody but me will understand

Originally Posted by Royals. View Post
Yeah, It's sounds so much cooler.

Let's stop. Don't want to say his full name on here. Without his permission.
Consider it given, Princess Thunderfeet. Also, it's just a name, which isn't something I really care to keep secret.

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