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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Does anyone know about Drew 'Bundini' Brown?(am fairly certain that I'm spelling his name right)

I think that he passed away some years ago(might be wrong on that one,too). Anyway, he was a member of Muhammad Ali's boxing entourage, but he never seemed to actually DO anything of substance. He wasn't a manager, nor was he a trainer, really and,as far as anyone could tell, he didn't possess any great knowledge of boxing. His only visible function was to scream towards the crowd that the great Ali was entering the arena...or whatever other facility. Ali himself was quite loquacious at times, so it's sort of odd that he'd have a low-talent Flavor Flav predecessor who just randomly shouted exclamations to draw attention. Perhaps Ali's ego enjoyed having a worshipper who followed him around everywhere

That's kind of what Sven Groeneveld reminds me of(minus the shouting)--sort of a useless human hubcap who doesn't get in the way and gets a measure of glory merely from his attachment to a fine piece of machinery. I'm definitely open to correction, but I'd LOVE to hear Federer--or any other greats for whom Sven has been a hanger-on/flunky--actually NAME something that Groeneveld did to help with his/her tennis game. If anyone has a link, please share....Something like,"I had a hitch in my service motion that Sven noticed, after which my results greatly improved...", or,"I was planting my feet wrong on my forehand until Sven showed me a better way..."

Have never heard jack squat along those lines....From what I can tell, Sven has carved a niche for himself by serving as an Adidas stooge(or should I say "bitch"), a liaison between that corporation and the two tennis tours. He's definitely sucked ass with some ATP playboys--and other male celebs--by running an unofficial pimp service to provide slutty WTA'ers as escorts. He's even sold out some of his own female players(and TRIED to with Caroline). I'll give him credit for being clever: He gets those flunky positions with players like Fed or Sharapova who are self-starters and don't really NEED any coaching from him...or someone like Caro who doesn't want him on anything NEAR a full-time basis...and, of course, he's ideal for someone like AI who seek a zero-discipline atmosphere where the practice sessions are a joke.

When any of "his" players have ANY type of success, he gets credit for "leading them to victory" and, when they DON'T do so well, he never gets the blame(no matter HOW much of a slacker-ass he was) because he wasn't a full-time coach and wasn't expected to intervene much. Other than reserving practice courts,finding hitting partners,buying some specific tennis gear......or maybe finding a nice restaurant or doing a background check on a wannabe bf, I can't see where he'll do ANYthing whatsoever to truly help Sharapova. After the Connors disaster, she probably looked for someone who'd stay out of the way...and she found the ideal flunky.

I normally associate Italians, Argentines or, I'm sad to say, Mexicans, with being sleazy hustlers. However, it appears that Sven is bringing the Dutch into the 'mack-daddy' game. I guess it's a living, huh, Sven?

WTA suffering from Dementieva withdrawal, a lack of true queens

Congrats on Number Three, Kim! We need more of you in this world

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