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Re: Sabine Lisicki Cheering Thread

Voted She's not got much chance though with not being one of the main choices...

Originally Posted by Mike81 View Post
That's not exactly true. I'm NOT saying 'Screw You Bine', I still think Bine is a sweet girl and I hope for good results from her but after her blocking me on twitter and people making fun of my support for her over the years, I just don't have the same feelings for her anymore. She is also a hard person to really figure out and it's best to just follow her casually because I got too obsessed in the past.

I've found out this past few years that it's not a good idea to get obsessed with a tennis player.
I remember some of your old posts about Sabine & I enjoyed reading them. You certainly did a great job of supporting & sticking up for her & for me it was all very genuine but yes, kind of obsessive.

Originally Posted by Mike81 View Post
Tough choice but I voted for Genie Bouchard ahead of Bine this time. Still love Bine but that's my choice.
A little disappointing but at least you've still got some love for Bine. For me, being a fan means following your player through good & bad times & not giving up on them. Sabine needs our encouragement & support (even more-so through the bad times) & I can see she really appreciates the support she gets.

Also, I think Sabine does a great job with her fans at the moment, she has a nice attitude towards us, spends more time signing autographs after matches than any other player I can think of & seems to read the messages/tweets/letters she gets. I've sent Sabine one or two tweets too but it's always been positive, supportive stuff like congratulating her or wishing her luck, always something I think she'd be happy to read. I never expect a reply because she must get a hell of a lot of messages.

So, why do you think Sabine blocked you on Twitter? I'm guessing you were either sending her advice that she didn't want to read or messages that were creepy for her (or both) & probably quite a few of them. That sort of thing is only going to discourage her from having anything to do with her fans. So, I think she's 100% right to block anyone sending her the sort of messages she doesn't want to receive. Rather than being bitter towards Sabine for blocking you, maybe you need to realise that you were to blame.
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